A flat roof could be your new home

There's room at the top

Here’s a great idea if you need somewhere free to stay for the summer – find a flat roof with an exterior staircase, and you should be set for a sun-filled siesta.

A family in run-down Folkestone, Kent,  were stunned after they found a young lad had been secretly living on their roof under a makeshift tent.
Mum-of-two Steph Wallace, 35, made the discovery while she was putting the rubbish out in the back yard of her maisonette. She noticed a trainer hanging over the side of the flat roof at the back of the home – before realising it the foot of a tramp who has fast asleep.
Her husband Peter, 29, quickly returned home and climbed onto the roof to confront the intruder.
But by then, the unwelcome guest had fled after realising his cover had been blow.
All that remained was the tarpaulin weighed down with an ornamental rabbit the squatter had been camping under.
Peter said: ‘We were both completely stunned. We had no idea he had been there. Steph couldn’t believe it – neither could I when she told me.
‘All she could see were this guy’s feet poking out the end and bits of rubbish strewn about.
‘Who knows. He could have been up there for weeks.
The couple first realised something was up when a foot-high stone rabbit figurine they use to keep the lid on their recycling bin went missing.
Peter, who has a son Ben, 11, and six-year-old daughter Esona, said: ‘ ‘It’s a flat roof and it’s ideal to chill out on. But we’ve never noticed anyone up there before.”

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  1. We discovered this same situation on the roof of the Engineering building on campus at University…TWICE. Once with more than a pallet’s worth of personal belongings covered with a tarp, and an extension cord to run down the stairwell when no one was around.

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