A bridge to Bobbage


Living here going on 8 years and we still have to hike up to the sky castle, the reason is because of a seasonal creek that runs in front of the property near the road, it can be navigated if you have 4 wheel drive and the creek isn’t running (which it isn’t most of the year). It isn’t the water that makes it difficult though, it’s the depth of the creek bed.

I have wished for a bridge for a very long time, and I’m finally getting my wish. Over the last month, PB has been helping a friend tear down a mobile home, PB got much of the metal siding and some of the decking, when it got down to the metal chassis/frame of the mobile home, he envisioned a bridge. I had a similar idea but thought about using a flatbed trailer as the bridge, this will work just as well if not better.

Another friend hauled the chassis over to the creek and helped get it across the creek. For now it’s just a bare metal frame spanning the creek, of course there will be a lot more work involved in making it a functional bridge, I have faith in PB’s Bobbage ability.

Here are some pix I took of PB messing with the bridge.





This is the creek with running water, it’s hard to tell from the images but on the right side the bank goes up about 15 feet, on the left it’s not so high.


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