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Green energy

Here is an idea that ought to be included in Revolution, the new JJ Webber series, on NBC.

When I was writing my book OFF THE GRID I travelled all over visiting people – this picture was taken in an Amish community in Kentucky where electricity was banned – only motive power is allowed.

What you see here is true green energy:- the horse eats grass and produces energy. Several homes in this community have adopted horse-power. As the horse turns the treads, motive power is generated via the red tube to power an icebox, washing machine, or any other motor. A few hours per day keeps the icebox cold. In the book I describe how th eresidents of the comminorrt are running a $3m a year engineering company on the farm. It appears the horse enjoys  the confined walk, although only for a few hours, but it is not clear what impact the uphill slope has on the animal. The community is filling orders for more of the walkways df===

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  1. Just thinking that this would create stress for the animal and you would end up having to care for injuries or issues with the horse. I would prefer solar, wind, water energy. Even maintaing animals is expensive. My husband hunts wild game, that way we have not had the expense, nature took care of them for us.

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