Tiny home for less than $500

Scotts Next Adventure, Tiny Home in San JuanHere is one of the tiniest tiny homes I’ve seen to date, coming in at 83 square feet, it’s 8X12 feet, but the high ceiling gives it the feel of a bigger space. Scott is a big guy as you can see in the video, even he feels like this is a roomy situation for him.

I thought he might sleep on his couch, it appears to be a futon style, but his bed is actually a Murphy style bed right above the couch, it stays folded up when not in use, but once folded down, there is plenty of room for Scott to stretch out, and those high ceilings really come in handy here, I’ve seen many tiny homes with nearly no head room when in the loft, this isn’t an issue here.

Scott has a living room space with a couch, a bed above his couch, he even has a kitchen area of sorts built in to the end of the table/desk that runs nearly the length of the front of the house. It’s clear he keeps his clothing hung up in the entryway. What he is missing in the cabin is a bathroom and running water.

Of course being a guy, I suspect he waters the trees when he feels the need, he has an outhouse and shower facility on the property to take care of his other needs.

The home looks like it still needs some finishing touches, especially on the outside, but it’s a good start, and definitely livable, kudos to you Scott for what you have built and how you live.



Update, it seems that Scott moved out of his tiny home, you can read more about him at his blog (link above).

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