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This week has been a really good one, work is picking up after our slow down that happens during the holidays, I got my original work partner back after her hiatus, I’ve enjoyed working with her on our team jobs in merchandising this past couple of weeks. The really nice thing is I don’t have to train anyone new and I know the work will be done right.

The other good news is PB’s long lost brother showed back up in his life, this is a half brother, and blended families often have extra problems, fortunately it seems that much of that is water under the bridge and they are getting to pick up their relationship. Both PB’s brother and his wife came out for a visit this weekend, of course any new visitors to the SkyCastle can be a strain, not because of them, but because the SkyCastle is such a different place, nothing is standard, everything has to be explained, demonstrated and sometimes done for them.

One example of our strangeness is the hot water tap in the kitchen, because it’s an on demand propane water heater, if the hot water is getting too hot, you turn the hot tap on more. It’s counter intuitive, but that’s how it works, then there’s the bathroom, the nearest “flush” toilet is at the neighbor’s house, here you “go” in a bucket, and it’s composted, something not many folk want to deal with.

Turned out they weren’t able to actually get to the property on this trip, so we went to them in town and spent the last 2 days getting to know them. We had a really good time and look forward to future visits. Turns out that she and I have some things in common, art, writing and a major interest in photography. Her iPad ran out of battery and was having trouble charging up, I suspect it had a lot to do with the fact that there is very little to no wifi or phone signal and that runs the battery down on a phone or tablet very quickly. So I used my tablet to take the pictures for them, I’ll be sending the pictures to them soon.

We played tourist, visiting the areas around here, going to the local observatory, eating out a lot, driving the scenic loop, trying not to hit the local wildlife in the process… It was all quite good, but it’s time for them to head back home, and it’s time for us to get back into the rhythm of life.

Hope your weekend went well. Did anything fun or interesting happen?

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