Three things this week

First thing, as I sit here tonight, sipping herbal tea that tastes like a sugar cookie, it’s quite a different night from last night, for one thing, it’s quiet, all I hear is the hum from the inverter fan and the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard.

Last night, the wind blew, it blew really hard, at some points I wondered how the roof would stay attached. I’m certain we had gusts of near 70 MPH, as I lay in bed watching videos on my tablet, it was loud enough outside that I had trouble hearing the tablet’s tiny speakers. PB was under the SkyCastle, I heard a loud crash on the roof of the bedroom. It sounded big and it sounded as if it broke up into pieces when it hit. We never did figure out what it was, there was no visible damage the next morning and nothing laying around that looked like it could be the thing that hit the roof.

It’s difficult for us to have a fire in the wood stove when it’s that windy, the wind tends to blow the smoke back into the house, fortunately it was a rather warm night, well warmish, I had the windows open but was wearing my cold weather nightwear, 2 layers, thermal underwear and flannel PJs. This morning we discovered new items in the yard, things that blew in from the neighbor’s properties, I found out that some of my neighbor’s didn’t fare as well as we did, one lost a carport, another lost their trampoline. Yet another neighbor wrote on Facebook about how we can’t leave things out like ladders leaning against the building or anything else that can become airborne.

We are supposed to have another couple of high wind days coming up, it hasn’t hit yet, but there are fire dangers because of the wind and how dry it is, a spark is all it would take and we could be in real trouble.

Second thing, work has been picking up, as promised after the first of the year, our bigger merchandising projects are starting to show up. I had been trying to find someone to take one of the two farther towns I travel to each week, Presidio. We have hired several folk over a period of time but none of them seem to work out for very long, this seems to be the type of work you either love or hate.

I learned that the lady who used to work with me expressed an interest in coming back, she wanted Presidio, that is perfect, I can happily hand that town over to her, there will be no training time and no worries about her ability to do the work, it’s a win-win situation. She will either start this week or the following week.

The third and final thing that has happened this week, I spilled a large cup of hot, very sweet coffee on my laptop, bummer! It even had melted marshmallows, they stuck nicely between the G and H keys. My laptop was in hibernate mode, I turned it over, wiped as much as I could out of the keyboard, then made an executive decision, I knew that what was wet was already wet, I was worried about the sticky sweet syrup, after removing the battery, I sprayed water with a spray bottle into the keys, wiping it as it dripped out. I figured it would be better to try to get the sugar liquid out than to let it dry inside.

I let the laptop sit for 3 days, open, upside down, not knowing if it would boot up or not. Fortunately it booted right up, but about half of the keys don’t work, the number pad doesn’t work at all, I’m sitting here typing on an external keyboard that I bought for PB about a year ago. I am going to try taking the laptop apart and see how much I can clean out and if that will work. If it doesn’t, then I suppose it will be time for a new computer…

How was your week? Good I hope, let me know what you did.

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