I am always on the lookout for websites where you can learn about DIY, I recently found a fun site all about homemade tools, this site is a repository of links to other sites, they and their readers add more and more links. They refer to themselves as an encyclopedia of over 22,000 homemade tools.

I found it because they had linked to some of my DIY pages (with links back to the original post), I was happy enough for them to include some of our ideas, sharing the wealth (knowledge) is all good.

You can find the site here

Give them a look around, be sure to bookmark the site so you can return later. They say:

We find homemade tools across numerous forums, and organize them in one place, always with full credit to the original builder and site. HomemadeTools.net is updated multiple times daily with new homemade tools.
Browse homemade tools by category!

See all homemade tools in over 150 different categories, including Woodworking, Metalworking, and Automotive.

If you are into DIY, then this is the place for you! Be sure to check out their other “build” sites linked from there, I think the one about 4×4’s and cabins have lots of good information.

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  1. Jonathan

    Hey thanks for the hat tip! We have a strong community of off-grid folks on our site.

    BTW we recently made a new ebook with our best tools, to celebrate our 20,000th tool listed. Your readers are welcome to it for free: https://download.homemadetools.net/50MustReadTools.pdf

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