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So you’re a good MoneySaver?
You live in the UK and you’ve Bagged a Cheap Flight or Bartered for a Bargain Beach Trip; you’ve found the Cheapest Travel Insurance, worked out the Cheapest way to Spend Overseas; you’ve got your special Cheap Roaming Mobile ready.
Then you arrive at the airport and pants, you have nothing to read. So you go to the airport bookstore and what do you find? A copy of

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  1. I am all for the bargain hunter in us, but feel there is something more meaningful ,and more fufilling in giving something simple yet cheap to someone. I was both amused and endeared by Danny Wallis on tv some years back. He appeared as a cameo on Matthew Wright’s Wright stuff, advertising his new site – http://www.join-me.co.uk.
    He introduced his site using a story of a old man who loved peanuts, but lived a normal pensioners life on a state pension (ie nada). He, as a result of the site, recieved many hundreds of packets of peanuts totally by surprise through his letterbox anonamously.
    Bragains are one thing – giving to someone surprise and joy another. This is how joy and trust spreads

    kitty piranyah

    ‘what if the hokey cokey is what its all about?’

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