di Caprio’s eco-ex

Gisele split from di Caprio.

Two icons of eco-hipness have ended their relationship according to media reports. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is said to have left actor Leonardo di Caprio, who’s celebrating his 31st birthday this week .

Brazilian Gisele, recently described by the boss of her own modelling agency as completely vacuous, has a better track record on the environment than her ex. Di Caprio’s claim to fame is that he drives a Prius — not very cool and not particularly green.

Bundchen by contrast has renounced fur, at a time when models like Naomi Campbell are returning to animal skins, and she campaigns for the rainforest in her native country.

True, the accompanying photo makes them look cool and is more flattering than the usual poses at Oscar events, but it shows that in their unguarded moments the couple were about as environmentally friendly as the Governator — walking along with packaging dangling off them — and are those leather shoes?

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  1. being a true environmentalist is a strict choice of life, and I still can’t understand why an environmentalist who want to save some endangered animal species is eating meat, and not the best of all, McDonald’s meat
    we all know fast foods reputation

    maybe he truely cares about the envinronment but he s not constant enough to be credible to the eyes of people
    for him it is like a hobby, cause in between films he must be very bored
    gisele is no better, she pretended to support PETA but she still can’t say no to a huge contract that requires her to wear fur (Vogue China)

    that kind of attitude, I call it oppportunism
    they’re environmentalist when they feel like it

  2. Actually Namaste, I helped protest at my local mall against Victorias Secret. I worked hand in hand with:
    https://www.victoriasdirtysecret.net/ to get the message out to unaware consumers.

    No book inspired Leo to go green. The environmental activists protesting the destruction to pristene land caused by Leonardo DiCaprios filming of the BEACH in Thailand is what prompted Leo to go green.

    And while Mr. DiCaprio jets sets the globe trying to convince every citizen on earth to drive a prius, he can’t even manage to convince his girlfriend to step away from her mercedes.

    Now if a person is going to talk the talk then they need to walk the walk!

  3. Hi Rainbow Smiles


    You say he should not date models who wear fur or drive SUVs. But we all know that life is not quite that black and white for most people. I married a non-green girl who is now very green. Should I not have dated her?

    If you have a problem with Victoria’s Secret then why not encourage action to draw attention to it instead of merely venting. Why not point to the petition about it signed by over 6000 people that I just found via google at:


    Personally I have watched the movie Leonardo di Caprio made a while back about the environment and was impressed by its honesty.

    I am even reading Ancient Sunlight, the book that inspired him to go green, on his recommendation.

    Does the fact he wears leather or dates someone who wears fur lessen the impact of that message?

    You can view his eco site, that movie and his new movie about Water (although I have not yet seen the water movie) at:


    Could he be greener? Sure. Could you or I? Sure. So on we go.

    Namaste to you all

    City Hippy

  4. Leo and Gisele are two of the most NON Enivronmentalists to ever exist in Hollyweird. Leo’s rantings on being an environmentalist on OPRAH nausiated me. He rationalized his leather wearing, meat eating, behavior by saying “you don’t have to be a tree hugging hippie to be an environmentalist.” No Leo, but you shouldn’t date models who wear fur (as recently as Vogue China Oct. 2005 cover – P.E.T.A. no longer likes Gisele) and you don’t date models who drive SUV’s and work for Victorias Secret (the company who is single handedly destroying the Boreal Forest in Canada). The two hypocrites should have stayed together…

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