5 things you never knew about Dustin Brown

Living in a van for years to make it to the top
Brown and girlfriend Dione
The Rasta-headed German who beat Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon this week may have been knocked out of the competition today, but his past living off-grid in a Volkswagen is now a part of Tennis history.

For years Brown toured the tennis circuit in his battered van, living on handouts and free sandwiches in tennis clubs.

Here are a few other surprising facts about him:

Brown travelled in the camper van, which his parents bought for him in 2004, while on European tennis circuit. He broke into the top 100 for the first time in 2010 and this was also the year the last instalment on his camper van was paid!

Brown has not cut his hair for 19 years now. But Dreadlocks are not the only thing which sets this 30-year-old Jamaican apart from other tennis players. Brown has his tongue pierced and he has a tattoo of his father on left side of his torso!

“Where I grew up in the north of Germany, I experienced a lot of problems with racism,” said Brown recently. “The village next to my town, Celle, was infamous for being a Nazi stronghold. We were three or four coloured kids around and sometimes the other ones showed up with knives after school. That’s why I had some punch-ups in primary school.

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