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Want to explore the British countryside by car this weekend? Why not make it as adventurous as possible, and more fun, go off the main tracks to some of the most remote and rugged parts of the country – here are the best 4×4 car rental places online.

If you are worried about eco-impact – specify diesel and then fill the tank with biofuel. Remember to travel the wild parts of the country responsibly. Stick to rights of way and leave no permanent trace behind you.

In the UK try shb.co.uk for rental of rugged 4×4 cars, pickups or people carriers: fill an enquiry form online or email 4×4@shb.co.uk. For luxury 4×4 cars email Scotland@shab.co.uk
Tel. +44 (0) 1236 765566 Fax. +44 (0) 1236 755760

Or you can go through a rental agency, 5th Gear represents most big rental companies and they’ll find 4×4 to rent for you. Phone +44 0870 9000 533 for a quote.

Try National car they also have 4×4 cars, and so do Thrifty.

For worldwide car rental including 4×4 in the UK see DriveTravel

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  1. How about using walking boots to see the country? Is there no place sacred from cars? No place where the sounds of nature prevale and not the roar of the engine?

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