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Caroline Lucas MEP
Caroline Lucas: it could be you

The UK Green Party Autumn Conference kicked off today at St Martins College, Lancaster. It runs to 11th Sep and anyone can attend. Simply walk in. See the Green Party web site for more details.

Friday’s main theme is Green Energy Futures, a subject close to our hearts here at Off-Grid. More details on that below. We do hope that the conference makes one vital step — to agree that the Green Party needs a leader in order to be electable.

It has been sad to watch the party marginalise itself throgh idealistic principles about non-hierarchical leadership. The voters want leaders. So Off-Grid says – give them a leader. The Green vote will soar if there is a credible, dynamic leader who can mobilise the massive yearning to vote Green, especially among young people. The obvous choice is Green European Parliament member Caroline Lucas. If you support our position write to her and tell her so: carolinelucas@greenmeps.org.uk.


The Green Party wants to make sure that we meet all our energy needs without storing up problems for our children and grandchildren.

Real Progress means investing in sources of energy like offshore wind farms, wave and solar power that don’t cause global warming. Real Progress means being more energy efficient so that we don’t generate power just to waste it. It means ensuring Britain is part of one of the fastest growing employment sectors in Europe. There are more than 200,000 jobs just waiting to be created in clean energy, energy efficiency, organic faming, recycling and public transport.

Around 30,000 people- mainly older people and the very young- die in this country every year because poverty prevents them from properly heating their homes. The cost to the NHS alone has been estimated at 1 billion each year. Real Progress would be directing fuel grants and payments to the people that need them.

Real Progress means stopping a nuclear industry that can’t even stand on its own feet. Nuclear power gets nearly two million pounds of our money in subsidies every day – enough to employ fifteen thousand extra teachers.

Real Progress means choosing clean, honest, reliable energy we can trust – not clinging to a failed nuclear dream.

Gina Dowding, one the 7 Green councillors in Lancaster, blew the whistle on Lancaster City Council allowing the local nuclear plant to get away with putting off paying its business rates at a cost to local taxpayers of 18000. Green MEP Caroline Lucas dug further and sparked a European Commission legal investigation that uncovered a vast web of subsidies paid by the Labour government to dinosaur nuclear companies that costs the British people 100s of millions of pounds every year.

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