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Building a sustainable future

“From Rhetoric to Reality” is a short series of seminars studies in the UK, aimed at the growing numbers who are taking Sustainable Building from a quirky minority occupation or business into a mainstream activity. That process will take years, and these meetings bring together some key players with newbies coming into the fast-growing segment of the building industry.

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Sustainable Refurbishment

Thursday 22nd September

CREATE Centre, Bristol

A one-day conference on refurbishment for: housing associations, housing managers, property maintenance contractors, architects and designers, and HECA officers.


  • design issues
  • techniques and materials to achieve practical sustainable refurbishment for public and private housing and offices buildings
  • links to private sector renewal, fuel poverty and climate change

Cost 140 inc VAT

For further information about STSD or this seminar, please call 01458 259400 or email admin@sustainablehousing.org.uk

Energy Technologies in New Developments
Meeting New Policy Challenges in Today’s Market

Tuesday 27th September 2005

Xfi Conference Centre, University of Exeter

A one-day seminar for senior executives and professionals involved in the design, approval and construction of new developments, covering the latest issues in energy and climate change.

  • current and emerging policy
  • case studies of developments that have successfully integrated policy requirements.
  • strategies and use of new energy technologies

Cost: 190 inc VAT

For more information, go to: www.exeter.ac.uk/energyseminar

The Road to Genesis
Turning Vision into Reality

Friday 14th October

Somerset College for Arts and Technology, Taunton

A major conference about the nationally renowned Genesis project, a regional sustainable construction resource centre, scheduled to open in February 2006. An opportunity to meet the designers and constructors of a building which pushes the boundaries of sustainable design.

After a tour of the Genesis site, delegates will learn how important decisions, that have changed elements of the design, were made in an attempt to find a balance between the key project components of sustainable design, educational, buildability and budget. Delegates will discover how and why the idea for a regional centre based at Somerset College evolved, how it was funded and who the key regional partners are.

Cost 140 inc VAT

For more information or to book a place, please contact Sam Mclntyre at SCAT on 01823 366743

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