November 6, 2016


Stealth van conversion in 17 days

Nate Murphy enjoys living stealthy in his van, he found a low mileage van and was able to convert it in a quick 17 days, these were full, long days, not a part time endeavor. The bed takes up the lion’s share of the space, looking very comfortable and roomy. I love his kitchen with the built in stove top and sink compartment, Nate is happy with that part of his build as well. He has everything a person could want, with 3 notable exceptions, a fridge, a toilet and shower.

His reason for not having a toilet is simple, he doesn’t fancy the smell associated with having a toilet in such a small enclosed space, he does have a couple of urine bottles for emergencies. He says he is always within reasonable distance of a toilet and so far, it hasn’t been a problem.

Showers add a whole level of expense and complication that he just didn’t want to deal with, the fact that it would take more water than he stores now and would have to heat said water, it’s just not in the cards now.

As far as a fridge is concerned, same issues as above, the expense is the main reason to go fridgeless, and the fact that he doesn’t eat the sorts of foods that require being kept cold. He can always install a cooler if the need ever arises.

Here is the video of his build, it’s not really a “how to”, it’s more of a “this is what I did”, watch and enjoy.

Here is Nate’s blog explaining more in dept how he lives and how he converted his van.


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6 Months Living in beauty


We’ve been full-timing in our Airstream since April. That’s 6 months of LIB (Living in Beauty). So far, we’ve been visitors of 23 communities in 11 states, and have traveled 4,592 miles. So starts Jim and Carmen Beaubeaux’s latest blog post about living full time in their Airstream RV. They have had quite the adventure and are looking forward to many more.

They started out much like the rest of us, edging toward retirement with a sticks and bricks house, and lots of possessions that they decided were weighing them down and holding them back. Having been backpackers in their earlier life, they were no strangers to living on the road, but at the time they considered big trucks hauling large RVs more of a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists than something to be desired.

You can listen to their latest podcast here:

I love reading about how other people are living their dream, the thing all of these folk have in common is they took a chance, they stepped out of their comfort zone, they didn’t just dream, they DID and they DO.

To find out more about Jim and Carmen, you can peruse their blog here:


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