December 9, 2015

Carolyn Chute

Carolyn Chute living in the woods – she couldn’t be happier

Catch our video visiting one of America’s greatest living novelists as she does her daily chores the Maine backwoods?

She just doesn’t trust the system – nor want any part of it.

Carolyn searched for her piece of heaven together with her husband. They are both people who lost faith in the system, as it failed them.

She talks movingly about the death of her baby son when she did not have the money for medicare bills.

Carolyn also has a deep sense of pain for the slaves that were brought over many years ago. She wants to live a more natural and earthy life so that she can find peace within.

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Cabin Porn – the official book

download (6)You loved the Cabin Porn web site – now Buy the book from Amazon US.

Its amazing how Tiny Homes in general and remote cabins in particular have caught the public imagination across the developed world.

People are yearning for escape, silence, peace, green spaces. Its what we all want, and the Cabin Porn web site, this Off-grid web site and others like it are fulfilling a need.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0316378216/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0316378216&linkCode=am2&tag=offgrid-20&linkId=XNB7GB2GLWTTA6ULCabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

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Off-Grid 101

Learn to love what you already have

Learn to love what you already haveGoing off-grid also means living in a simpler manner, learning to be free.
In this article we’ll give you tips on how to love what you already own.
1.You don’t need something that doesn’t benefit anyone else
You know that figurine you bought last year and now is on your shelf covered in dust? As it happened, you didn’t needed it! Think before buying something, if it’s really going to affect your every day life in a positive way.
2. You don’t need something that causes debt
If you want to be free, getting into debt is definitely not the way go. The more stuff we buy, the bigger our debt gets. If we learn to love what we already have, then we’ll be happier without needing to accumulate more possessions.
3. You don’t need anything that makes you want more
They is some stuff in life that satisfies some of our needs, but other stuff just creates more needs, and we never have enough. Have you ever purchased something and realized you need a few other items to go with it? Like a few decoration items that would be perfect if they went with another couple of things?


4. You don’t need things that make you forget what’s important
When you de-clutter your environment, you begin to realize what is truly important to you. Many times, possessions can cloud your judgment. The very act of deciding what things you can live without forces you to take a deeper look at your inner motivations.
Loving what you already have can be challenging. However, every time I remember these five things, it is easier for me to find contentment with my life. Loving what I already own has led me to a minimal, happier lifestyle.


Loving what you already have can be challenging. However, every time I remember these five things, it is easier for me to find contentment with my life. Loving what I already own has led me to a minimal, happier lifestyle.

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jeremy corbyn

Power to the people says Jeremy Corbyn

jeremy corbynUK Labor Leader comes out for Distributed Power

Says Britain must empower citizen suppliers and direct private investment into green technology

“This week world leaders have begun the final phase in their attempt to reach a deal to keep global warming below 2C. Such a deal would be an important step in the fight against climate change, even if it seems likely that the targets and mechanisms will not go far enough. But we need to look beyond Paris and ask ourselves more fundamental questions that the problem of global warming raises.

I believe that climate change is a problem of imagination — of the limits to our imagination. It cannot be solved unless we open up our imaginations, unless we begin to think, talk and act as if we cared about the future.

This means we must use our imaginations to ask: what would our world look like if we allow global temperatures to rise by 2-3C? It would be a world with a hostile climate: more of the storms, flooding and droughts we have begun to see over the last few decades. Events such as the flooding in Cumbria this week will become more frequent — these are entirely consistent with scientists’ predictions.

Moreover, if we do not turn back this government’s austerity drive, our weakened public services will not be able to cope with the consequences of such events. Despite Cameron’s pledge that “money is no object” in dealing with flooding, savage cuts to public services and flood defences have left people vulnerable. Yet again, this government has failed to deliver on its promises.

A world 2-3C warmer would also be a world of war, in which millions will be displaced and forced to migrate in search of peace and security.

We must imagine this world not because it is a remote possibility, but because unless world leaders are more ambitious in their aims — both in Paris and beyond — this will be the world that humanity has created for itself. The IMF has warned us: “Human fortunes will evaporate like water under a relentless sun if climate change is not checked soon.”

However perilously close we may be to this world, we must also imagine the world we want to create. That world is a more equal world, a more just world, and a world in which where you live is based on the quality of the air you breathe. It is a world in which businesses are producing products and services we cannot yet imagine, but with lower energy and operating costs.

We want a world where governments shape rules that promote public goods — where they protect the ultimate public good of a stable climate in which humanity can survive and prosper.

To do that, we need a state that invests. We need an entrepreneurial, nimble state that neither wages war with markets …

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