June 14, 2009

EU Grid not fit for renewables

The EU electricity Grid is too old to handle large amounts of renewable energy, and is losing 30% of the power it transmits

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Off-Grid 101

Comfy camping gear

patiocampfireLooking for those few essential items to go off-grid?  Try the camping store: heat, food and shelter are the pre-requisites, and campers can buy them for cheap.

Even Amazon.com is a good source of cool camping gear, including the  Deluxe shelter and solar shower. In an instant, a 4-feet-x-4-feet “locker room” pops up. It comes with a five-gallon water jug that you fill up and let the sun heat.

Camping is buried deep in the American psyche. The famous ”Great Camps” of the Adirondacks were originally no more than tent compounds in which wealthy Americans passed their summers under canvas, and in the (relative) wilderness. Then they had their tents put on platforms and had lean-tos added. 

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