December 3, 2008


Stocking Up On Spam

I’m not talking about those unrequested emails that seem to always clog your inbox. It seems that Hormel is having to work overtime to make enough Spam, lately there has been a big run on Spam. The different news sources say it’s because of hard times, but I have to wonder how many preppers  and others are seeing the writing on the wall.

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Insulating your vehicle

Building materials work differently in a van than in a home – learn which is the best insulating material for your live-in vehicle.

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Junk Mail

Found this in my junkmail – it looks like rubbish to me but maybe someone out there in Britland was going to pay full price.

“Sschhhh!! Just sharing a secret Love Eco discount code with you.

Go to and pick up your 15% discount code now. Quick, before it goes!

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Off-Grid 101


Hi tech, luxury Yurt living in Steel City, Ontario, Canada

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Diary of a Greenwash coup

We hope she was well paid
This week saw Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford continuing to plug lighting products from Osram Sylvania with the switching on of their CFL-lit tree in a tacky New York office (pictured). What is going on behind the scenes in the PR department to make an event like this happen?

In recent years, the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) has become associated with all things environmentally conscious. This generalization can also be a curse because concerns that plagued early versions of the bulb become associated with the new product.

When it came time for lighting supplier Osram Sylvania to launch its new micro-mini Twist, the world’s smallest CFL, it enlisted the help of Weber Shandwick’s global strategic media group to make sure it got its greenie points across.

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