October 12, 2008

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1 Of 100 Things…

… that you might not know about me. I have decided to start a list of 100 things you might not know about me, the plan is to write something once a week, no promises on the frequency, but I’ll do my best. I have been thinking about this for about a week, the first thing on my list needs to be a good one, as I sit here, at my Dad’s house, watching my favorite weekend PBS shows, I have to choose this is the first on the list of 100 things. I like watching Britcoms. It’s something I have enjoyed for many years, in no particular order, here are my favorites:

  • Are You Being Served
  • Are You Being Served Again
  • Mulberry
  • Keeping Up Appearances
  • Only Fools And Horses
  • The Vicar Of Dibley
  • Yes, Minister
  • Yes, Prime Minister
  • Mr. Bean
  • Black Adder
  • The Thin Blue Line (it’s OK, that’s the best I can give it)
  • Fawlty Towers
  • The Young Ones (yes, I know, but it’s good for a laugh…)
  • ‘Allo ‘Allo (I didn’t like this one at first, the second time around it grew on me)
  • The Royle Family
  • Open All Hours
  • Dad’s Army
  • Last Of The Summer Wine (I’m watching this one as I type)
  • Red Dwarf
  • Father Ted
  • Coupling (another one I didn’t like at first, but grew to like it)
  • Supernova (a fairly newish one)
  • As Time Goes By (a particular favorite)
  • Chef! (yet another I despised at first, but it became another favorite)
  • Goodnight Sweetheart
  • Kiss Me Kate
  • To The Manor Born
  • Waiting For God
  • My Hero
  • Good Neighbors (also called “The Good Life”)

Wow, I didn’t realize the list was so long until I started listing them, some of these shows air frequently on PBS, some I have only seen one season’s worth. Bob and I used to watch several Britcoms together, it was one of our weekend rituals, he tells me that he really didn’t care for most of them, but he enjoyed “our time” watching them together, that made it all the more special to me. Some of the ones he liked were Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By.

Sitting here watching Britcoms is a bittersweet activity for me, we don’t get Britcoms in our new life, while it’s fun to watch them again, but it would be so much better if Bob were here, sitting next to me, enjoying all of these shows. :)

So there, that’s my first of 100 things you might not know about me, but now you do. :)


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