December 19, 2007

The Pink City – Make It Right 9

Keeping in the theme of kindness during this holiday season we wanted to highlight the Make it Right 9 organization that is dedicated to building 150 new energy and earth responsible houses for the Lower 9th Ward residents of New Orleans.

The effort for fundraising to make this dream a reality started on December 3, 2007 and already by today 37 of the 150 houses have been sponsored. If you don’t have a spare $150,000 laying around to sponsor an entire house you can sponsor anything from a light bulb, $5, to solar panels, $25,000, to a tree, $200.

You can take around and inside the house and see what earth and people friendly products they are planning on using. As you take the virtual tour you can see how small and large donations alike can add up to a wonderfully energy responsible house for a lucky resident of the Lower Ninth Ward.

Looking at this from an energy and earth responsible view it can be seen how this unique opportunity can show how it is possible to build and live in a more self-sufficient way without giving up our most beloved modern conveniences. As this will be done on a community scale so the advantages will be more easily seen by outsiders. Trying to show skeptics how being responsible for our own energy needs is not only the right thing to do but economically and environmentally sound can be grueling when doing it one home at a time.

We applaud the Make It Right 9 organization for not only helping those that time seemed to have forgotten but for not taking the easy road and throwing money at it, but for making a plan that not only will enable the residents to live again , but hopefully to thrive.

Since this is such an interest to The Off-Grid Home we have started a page dedicated to keeping you up to date on Make It Righ 9.

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