Hi – welcome to off-grid, and thanks for joining us! Now you can add yourself to the map and message any-one else who is registered. You can tell people whether you want to join an off-grid community, or invite others to join you. Or you might want to help start a local energy company in your area. As soon as your message reached our inbox, the admin person, who lives in a remote part of Texas, let out a whoop and a holler and rang a virtual bell, connected (electronically) to a Klaxon on our editor’s desk (he lives in a van most of the time). He ran to his computer to see if you left any comments, or registered on the map yet. But don’t let that put you off! We hope you will still contact us with: Ideas, foul abuse, angry passionate rants about climate change and the pitiful commerciality of modern living – PLUS any Videos, Stories or Pix – they are our lifeblood – especially if you are a whistleblower working for a Utility company – send them ALL to news@off-grid.net We want your comments and ideas! Hear from you soon! Nick Rosen PS: And money – do please send us money – you can paypal nick@off-grid.net