Broadcast: Audio and Video appearances

BBC Radio 4  (Apr. 2022) You and Yours final 10 min, 29:20-37:13.

Also Available here

BBC Radio 5 (Dec. 2015) Off the Grid author Nick Rosen talks on BBC Radio 5 the Paris Climate Conference started this week so climate change is high on the press agenda 

Point (Oct. 2014) The Truth According to Nick Rosen from Off-Grid 

Coast to Coast AM (Jul. 2010) Economy & Geopolitics / off-the-grid  


Vivum Publishing (Sept. 2022) How We Went Off-Grid: The Full Approved Planning Application, Foreword by Ben Fogle, Easy-to-follow Business Plan for Simple Living

Rosen, N. (2012) Netzausstieg! : mit einem ausstiegstechnischen Nachtrag vom Wagenplatz

Rosen, N. (Jul. 2010) Off the Grid: Inside the movement for more space, less government, and true independence in Modern America. New York, NY: Penguin Books

Rosen, N. (Mar. 2008) How to Live Off-Grid 


Rosen, N. (1996) The NET-HEAD HANDBOOK: The First Guide to Computer Chic