[EPUB] How We Went Off-Grid – Matthew & Charis Watkinson

This book shares the vital paper trail that turns a dream into a reality.



This is the inspiring story of the authors’ battle to win planning permission to live off-grid in the countryside, in their self-built home, with solar power, composting loo and rainwater harvesting. Despite concerted opposition from neighbours and lawyers, they manage to get permission to live on £6,000 a year, selling eggs and honey. Readers substitute the areas they want to enjoy for the bee-keeping and chicken-rearing chosen by the Watkinsons. All documents submitted by the authors in their successful application to Pembrokeshire National Park planning authority are included in this book.

Council Minutes, correspondence and submissions, expert evidence from Ecologists and Energy consultants; Architect’s drawings; 2016 Management plan and 2021 Monitoring Report are included as well as numerous objections and support excerpts.

Foreword by Ben Fogle, presenter of New Lives in the Wild. The authors have been featured in two 1-hour episodes of Fogle’s series – once in Return to the Wild and once in New Lives in the Wild.


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