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Decarbonise UK energy by funding locally-owned renewable micro-grids

About 75% of all global warming (ie carbon emissions) is caused by the production and consumption of energy. Please see our new video and sign our petition to persuade the government to act.

It will cost hundreds of billions to make electricity production in the UK carbon-neutral, but the current national grid is inefficient, with at least 8-10% of energy lost in distribution or transmission. And a further 30% wasted in the electricity production process.

The Government estimates it will cost a total of £500 billion over 20 years to decarbonise the grid, and it intends to spend most of that money through the energy companies which caused the problem in the first place. the UK should instead fund resident-owned renewable energy grids across the country. Power to the people.

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We are campaigning for 100,000 signatures for the parliamentary petition and then a government debate while Cop26 takes place.
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Nick Rosen


18 February 2022

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