Award-winning documentary producer and Internet entrepreneur Nick Rosen took a new turn in his career when he began specialising in Renewable Energy in 2010. He has built a large Internet following for his books, videos, and social media accounts since his  “OFF THE GRID” was published by Penguin Books, New York in 2010.

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Based in London, his main focus is building microgrids in South-East Asia. He has established a company in Jakarta, building next-generation off-grid power systems for a growing number of communities in the region.  In the UK and US he continues to campaign for autonomous power for households and businesses, and against the Grid, which he argues in his books, is an outdated C20th technology.

He also continues his career as a filmmaker – one highlight was ONE IN A BILLION (2014), a BBC WORLD 6-part series interviewing Chinese billionaires – including several of China’s most powerful businessmen.

He lives in Shoreditch with his wife, artist Fiona Banner, and their daughter Caitlin.


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