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    I like what read Here. I am currently living in Long Island ny and would love to go off the grid somewhere warm Along with a community. If you ever gather enough people and are short for some send me message.I am very knowledgable on nutrition. I am a raw vegan who can teach people how sustain them selfs with water and jus herbal teas. I have gathered invaluable information on dr. Sebi which you can search on yotube and he has goes own curing village in Honduras.  the diet that dr. Sebi recommends its an Alkaline diet based on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but eventually the human body can fast and be fine without  give it rest without starvation. Not only I this diet perfect to break down the paradigm  necessity( which is why many f us want to be off the grid) but it will revitalize your entire body and menlair clarity. And doing this diet is the reason I believe it would be s doable to sustain my self living out the need of fast food restaurants, cooked foods , etc. all you have to worry on this diet is water and growing the food to live. And not to mention that on this diet you would rarely get sick meaning less  worries about hospital bills and such.

    I know this diet I’m speaking of sounds extreme and hard to believe but so do we to the rest of the world trying to go off the grid. I really do think this diet is perfect to live of the grid and I was in a community that where open enough to learn seven if is just a little that would be great,

    i am also learning how to build earthbag and cabin homes on my own with books and DVDs.


    i don’t know how much help can a person like me be to your village but it is great just posting ideas up to future off grid communities. Thank you guys for reading my post.


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