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    I have considered doing this too, though it’s one of those “off in the distance” things…

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    “compulsary purchase by A1 upgrade”, what does that mean Edd?

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    Congrats badger1972! That is always a great feeling, are you going to have internet access there? What are your plans?


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    We use the same one 12vman, we have 2 of them, one in the kitchen over the sink, wall and ceiling protected from the heat but unvented, the other one is in the shower, that one is vented through the roof. We have had the same batteries in both units since we first purchased them, holy cow! I had to look up when we installed those, turns out it was in 2008! I do know that D cell batteries are expensive, we live pretty far from town, so I found a replacement for them, it’s this little plastic doohicky that is the same size and shape as a D cell battery, but you open it up and insert AA batteries in them, I know we have those in both of our tankless water heater.

    The one in the shower area isn’t used as often, but the one in the kitchen is used many times a day, every day…

    Memory being what it is, I know the one in the kitchen was purchased in 2008, and I’m certain we haven’t changed the batteries in it, that one MAY have D cells, I can’t get to the battery box to see, the one in the shower has the battery converter in it, I’m thinking it may have been in 2009 when we purchased that one, but still, we are using the first set of batteries in it as well….


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    I snapped some pix of our setup, including the battery converter….






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    Sounds like you are ready to go for it :) Sorry it took something so drastic to make that happen, makes me wonder what they are spraying and if it’s more dangerous than what they are trying to control….


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    Very nice, I like it :)


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    In the time waiting to get off grid, use that time wisely, buy things little at a time, things you WILL need, some long term items are solar panels (they don’t go bad), wiring, building materials (especially good if you can get them free or cheap from somewhere like Craigslist), hand tools, warm clothing, things to go inside your off grid home, sinks, plumbing supplies, cabinets, countertops, flooring… these are all things you will need, buy it up little at a time, look for deals, do this while you aren’t under the gun to get your place setup to live in. That’s what we did and it worked very well for us. I kept an eye out for bargains all the time, one of my best “hauls” was from an older duplex that was being remodeled, there was a huge pile of discarded goodies outside the duplex, it was OBVIOUS these were being tossed so I grabbed as much of the stuff as I could, got a great old kitchen sink that was still in very good shape. Buying or acquiring these things over a period of time means you can bargain shop, and it doesn’t hit your pocketbook so hard.

    About 3-6 months before you KNOW you are going to move off grid, but while you still have a job and money coming in, start buying up non-perishable foods, canned foods, dry foods, things that you can rely on to keep you going until you get yourself established, don’t forget about gardening stuff and if you plan on having animals, don’t forget about the things you will need for them.

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    12vman, are you using Firefox? If so, go to this page, scroll down to the bottom and use the last suggestion

    I assume you know how to use about:config on Firefox….

    There are other suggestions, but I think the last one may work best.

    If you are using IE, or some other browser, I don’t know what to tell ya :)


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    Thanks jengr, easy? Well maybe parts of it were easy, I think it was more a case of wanting to do it so badly that going through the “rough” parts wasn’t an issue for me/us. And we did live pretty rough, the first little bit we lived in a partially completed “box”, 2 of the 4 walls were builder’s plastic and wire, there wasn’t a proper roof, we had no water, no heat (it was December and it was getting down in the teens overnight), I had no plumbing, kitchen or otherwise, most everyone I knew said they couldn’t/wouldn’t live that way, but for me it was Heaven. We eventually got all all of the things done that made life easier. You can learn more about our beginnings here, click back to the beginning.
    This link takes you back to the beginning of my posts here.Anyhoo, you can read about how we got started, scroll down to the bottom of each set of posts (not the individual posts) and hit “newer entries” to go to the next page, most of he older posts were imported from my personal blog.

    It’s really good that you have access to land with few restrictions, you might want to confirm that before deciding on a property though, unless you know FOR SURE, I grew up in a town near Fort Worth and had always “heard” how things were but honestly things change and people’s chatter isn’t always accurate.

    Hope you are able to sell your place and get what you want.

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    LOL Edd, I think you have already started the process of being off grid, not knowing the date :) If you check, you posted on May 5th, you received a reply on the same day, and two more the next day….

    Glad you came back though…


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    Going by our experience, we too are a cold turkey type of folk…. I had always had a dream of living off grid, so did PB, the funny thing is neither of us knew what the other dreamed of, I thought he wouldn’t want to leave his business or family, he thought I wouldn’t want to leave my family…. once we began discussing how we wanted to live the rest of our lives, we made the decision to get outta Dodge, or at least Irving Texas.

    I had enough money saved in a stock plan though my part time job of 10 years to be able to buy up a piece of raw, unwanted land in far west Texas, there was just enough left over to build a 16×16 box that would become home, that was in the middle of 2007, by the end of Dec 2007 we had left our old life behind and began our new life.

    We came out here with little money but plenty of supplies, I couldn’t imagine living any other way, I have not looked back. So you could say we did a whole lot of wanting and did a whole lot of doing. Of course it’s easier for me because I have a very creative man in my life who isn’t afraid of hard work, doing something like this being one person would make things much more challenging but not impossible. Maybe you could find some piece of land that no one really wants, make a good deal on it and plant one of those Morgan type shed buildings on it, you can finished it out yourself with little problem, the trick is finding someplace with few to no restrictions as to what you can do on it.

    Be sure to keep us updated on your progress, and there are lots of people here who would be more than happy to give you advice.

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    Thanks wavy1953, your observations are something we all have to consider, your first point about protection, I think most off gridders with any common sense at all are not going to discuss their methods of self protection (ie weapons), I know that I will not, I have seen too many people bragging online about their arsenal, that is a good way to lose all you have to thieves, whether they be of the civilian persuasion or the official (governmental-we are here to help) persuasion. It is good to discuss in general, stating that you NEED a way to protect yourself, but it’s not good to discuss specifics of what each of us has or does not have IMHO. I sincerely hope all who read this are armed up the wazoo and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect themselves, their family and property from whatever threat may come down the pike.

    To your second observation, health, it’s is of utmost importance to be able to take care of as many different health scenarios as possible, most of us are not trained medical professionals, but you can learn as much as you can and have as many supplies as possible to take care of what may come. Fortunately for me, I live in a small (tiny) community who pulls together in thick and thin, we have several trained medical professionals living out here, we are somewhat isolated from the surrounding towns by mountains as well as many rough miles.

    About a week and a half ago, PB developed an infection, a pretty severe one in a hard to treat place (inside his body instead of on the outside), we took care of it without having to go to the doctor because we had what we needed to take care of it, we are still treating it but it’s nearly healed. This infection put him down hard, it’s the worst medical problem we have dealt with since moving off grid and really tested our resolve to be as self reliant as possible.

    Those are my personal thoughts about that, what does everyone else think?

    Thanks wavy1953, I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts here :)

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    I moved this to the general discussion forum.

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