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    You can use 12 volt car batteries but better would be 12 volt leisure batteries also called deep cycle ! This just means you can run them flat with out damaging them, car batteries won’t stand up to being ran flat so if your using them try and stop when there have empty of charge and then recharge them.

    As to charging them you can just use a car battery charger very cheap to buy and easy to use, if you have a few battery’s to charge at once get a few more chargers, the inverter just changes the 12volts to 240volts or what ever your local mains is it just clips on to the battery terminals

    So it’s easy these things come with instructions or email the manufacturer if there’s no instruction and they will be very helpful

    Hope that helps a little ?

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    If your going to use gas get the large propane bottle 40 something kg it works out the cheapest shop around for refill price.

    If you have a car or van it works as a generator, you can wire in a couple of large leisure battery’s so as you drive around they charge, also you can put solar panel on the car roof which will trickle charge these battery’s small wind generator can also be hooked up, but if they are running low you can run the engine to give them a charge.

    Your car or van does need to be used on the road it could just be a banger kept for the above purpose near your yurt as extra storage !

    You can get the battery’s wire in at a caravan repair workshop as this type of system is fitted to most motorhomes and horseboxes etc so is standard thing it can also have a 12 volt to 240 volt inverter added so you can run some mains equipment, charge your phone, laptop etc from the cigar lighter.

    So that’s a cheap way of having a mobile system, or you can do the above without the car and use a generator instead, the thing is to have as many deep cycle leisure battery’s as possible to hold any electric you produce however thats done.

    Whatever stove you get it must must have a back boiler you can retro fit these, so whenever you have a fire your making hot water, which you can never have to much of, a shower can be run from this stored hot water or a bath !

    Or you can buy stoves that have hot plates and a oven plus hot water tank built in, if you can find the right person they could build one from gas bottles,

    You can buy from screwfix thin silver insulation in rolls with is great for insulating your yurt with, has your yurt got insulating felt ? If not felt carpet underlay is good plus the above mention high tec stuff.

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    Hi Lily

    There’s as many ways of doing it as stars in the sky, well almost !

    I would look at what’s on site ? Could you use subsoil from site and make cob for walling !

    If you have no planning approval ? Everything must be capable of being moved ( doesn’t mean to say that you have to move it but it must be capable of it ! ) use skips or wheels.

    So what’s your situation ?

    My email is

    If you want some ideas etc plus what gets around planning ?

    All free !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)