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Zai Square Foot Garden

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    The above blog post is about what I’m doing this year with gardening. I show how I have begun. I basically dig 1’x1′ holes and mix 1:1:1 rabbit manure/yard waste compost/top soil.  I put 1/3 of the mix in the hole then 2/3 in garden boxes. Take a look at the photo’s.




    Here is an update article on the zai square foot gardening experiment. I am doing 1’x1′ holes of soil mix, but for some plants I think 2’x2′ or 2’x3′ may be in order. That is for any plants that you can plant denser than 1 per square foot. Especially for ones that you can plant 4, 9, or 16 per square foot. I didn’t start any like this this time in except for the box I filled and for the mounds I made. I need more box material for putting together more boxes.

    A huge problem we are facing is irrigation. I have been researching various methods none of which seem cheap except for flood irrigation. We want to irrigate from the pond.

    Hand operated no power solutions.

    Hand carry water from garden. ($5)
    Rain barrel collection ($150 or less depending on how I do it.)
    Hand Pump water into 8′ elevated tanks and ground level tubs. ($200)

    120v solutions

    Manual Sump pump, direct flood. ($100 or less)
    Manual Sump pump to 8′ elevated tanks and ground level tubs,  ($300 or so)
    Auto Sump pump to pressure tank, from pressure tank to hoses and drip irrigation. ($500 or so)
    Airlift Pump (low gpm) into 8′ elevated tanks. ($200 maybe)

    12v solutions

    Solar PV, 12v submersible pump and controller to 8′ elevated tanks. ($500 to $600)
    Solar PV 12v inverter to 120v for Airlift pump into 8′ elevated tanks (that is if I couldn’t find 12v aerator pumps. ($300 maybe)
    Solar Steam Powered Pump (have to make it so not likely) (not sure about cost)

    Wind power pumping is possible but might not get much done in this location as stronger wind is rare. We are in a hole (hollow). We only get stronger winds when thunderstorms blow through. Ram pumping is not a real option here not enough drop on our land. Hydro power is
    not really an option either. Also note our pond drops maybe 3 to 4 feet by mid summer, maybe even 5 feet.

    I have found that I can get yard sprinkler timers with valves that work on low pressure. I have also found some drip line and drip emitters that claim to work on very low pressure. They are non pressure compensating, whatever that means. With 8′ elevated tanks we will have 3.5 psi. The pond water stopped up the first soaker hose I tried out, it looks like rain water is best for this.




    Looks good! Thank you for sharing :)



    Is the latest blog post on this garden. I also added some photos to the zai square foot garden 4 post.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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