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    Hey Pu235

    I am new to this site, found it a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be a pretty good place to cull some info though.

    1) Not sure of the legalities of going off grid in other areas but I have been looking at land in the Northern AZ region and have run into no problems with building codes. There seems to be different laws for different states, that’s a good question for a realtor, if you are working with one that is. There is also a post on this forum concerning the legal aspects of going off grid, might be helpful.

    2) Like I said I am looking at land in Northern AZ, in the Seligman-ashfork area. This area offers a decent 4 seasons but leans towards the hot during the summer months but the further south towards Flagstaff the harsher the winters. I do not like the cold hence my decision of that region. Where are you now?

    3) The cabin seems to be an ideal first project for most but I have chosen the RV route for temporary quarters until I can get my permanent structure built which will be earthship based. Bought a 33′ motorhome for a great price and it has all the comforts of home with enough running room for me, my wife and our two children. We are planning to go boondocking (dry camping) in our motorhome in the general area that we are looking at land for, in order to get a first hand look before the purchase. We are not going alone on this venture, we have parties involved that are located across the country but won’t be onsite for some time.

    I wish you luck on your road to freedom and hope my 2 cents were helpful in some way.


    First we assume you have cash in hand? I recommend $5,000 before you begin to look for land. Second you need to look for land in the county in most states. Usually in the county you can get away with much more for living arrangements and accommodation. Matter of fact you can almost in many locations forget about codes and regulations(construction) all together. You would still be in most cases under the county or even state health departments when it comes to sewer. However they usually only take inspect or take action (depending on location) when there is some reported problem, such as something unsightly or smelly. Third, make sure you are not buying land that is in a housing development which may have restrictions (usually in a contract when you buy the land) Fourth talk to the neighbors before you buy about what kind of animals they will allow you to keep. Then if they disallow, find out if they have a leg to stand on. They may not, but even so try to work with them in regards to the location of the barnyard or animals. For example most people would not want a hog pen anywhere near the house place. They may not even chickens or other yard birds. Most people like cows and horses but don’t like the other barn yard critters.


    After spending some time surfing around I think I may need and answer or two put to me bluntly.

    I would like to purchase a small chunk of land and put an off the grid cabin on it. I dont want to be so far from civilization that it takes hours to obtain needed items like food, clothing, basic medical care etc.

    My questions:

    1) The legalities of putting a houes on small piece of land. It seems to me the law is being “side-stepped” by claiming it as a shed. Ok, So I claim my dwelling as a shed… Does this mean if I get caught they can kick me out or fine me? How would I go about searching for information about this.

    2) Climate. I need to take the first step and nail a region/state down for this. I enjoy cool/cold weather… Summer is needed though for growing a garden so… I need a balance. Any suggestions of places?

    3) I will be doing this alone. My idea is this. I will save up the required amount of money *after* purchasing my land. I will then purchase all materials needed. Finally I will move on to my property live in a tent, vehicle, whatever and immediately start building. Does this sound like a bad idea? most of these prefab cabins seem quick to build especially if I purchase a prefab one. Im thinking in a week or so I could have one livable, but not complete.

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