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    I’ve had an idea about an eBook I’d like to write about off-grid living, primarily about what technologies exist, what they are, how they can be applied to an off-grid home, and the pros and cons of all types of technologies. These would range from types of renewable energies that are available, to methods of house building, to methods of producing your own food. All within the scope of off-grid living.

    The point of this book is for people just starting out looking to learn about off-grid. In my experience in todays world with the internet and access to massive amounts of information at my fingertips, that the information is easily accesible but you need to know which questions to ask. Meaning you can’t type into google “how to make a DIY windmill” if you don’t know what a windmill is, never heard of one, and doesn’t know it exists. It seems like in my research about learning about off-grid technologies, a good portion of my time is spent trying to figure out what technologies even exist and are possible, and even how those technologies could potentially be applied to an off-grid home. It would be much simpler if I had a book that laid out EVERY thing that exists, every little nook and cranny. From things that are well known and are used exstensivley (like solar panels) to some things that are less known (like a solar refridgerator). It would be somewhat like an encyclopedia, only briefly touching on each topic, explaining the basic principles, and going over the pros and cons. From there people could further do their own research if they wanted to go into deep detail about any particular subject.

    Now, in fact I am a bit of a newbie. So from that you might think I should have more experience before I attempt at writing a book. But I do know quite a bit about what is available, and how they could be used. Thats why I’m not attempting to write a book about how to specifically “install solar panels on a home” because I have not done that, and that should be explained by someone with experience and lots of knowledge.

    I’m looking for any advice, or anybody who would like to collaborate with me. As it would certainly be highly useful if somebody with actual knowledge and experience of off-grid living wanted to be part of this. In a way, it is a little necessary now that I think about it to have a little bit of experience with this, despite what I said in the last paragraph haha.

    The ultimate point of this book for me isn’t actually to sell it on Amazon Kindle. I personally live in China ATM, and am hoping to open a shop online catering to people who live off grid as I can source things here easily. And I would like to have a book that I can give away for cheap, or even free so as to advertise and build a relationship with customers. I I want this to be a quality book, something of genuine value, not just solely a gimmick to get people into my store. Also as a way for me personally to learn more about the subject as this is all in hopes to fund my own house, and I’m trying to connect with like minded people.

    Anybody that wants to collaborate on the book (and even the online store) or just have any simple advice, please post here or PM me. I really need people with better knowledge than me about off-grid homes.

    Also, while I haven’t actually looked too much (though I certainly should) I’m aware that there likely exists a book like this out there. Even so, I’d still like to write my own, but if you know of such book please let me know as it would be great to read it and see how they formatted the book themselves and maybe I can take some notes. Plus I might learn something from the book :)

    Thanks everyone in advance, your help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Littlebang please post a contact of some sort



    My email is:
    Or my skype is: butralance

    Thanks look forward to hearing from you or anybody else that sees this!


    How long have you actually lived off-grid?

    I have been off-grid for over 15 years and can tell you just knowing what technology is available without ever having used that tech in an off-grid situation is not going to help anyone.

    Not trying to discourage you but I would suggest you live off-grid for a few (several) years before attempting to write a book on the subject.




    I think its funny that these people that have no clue about living off grid are going to write a book, When there power goes out for a couple of hours hardly makes them off grid experts.We are off gridders in the arizona desert and having a thriving homestead, i assure you i would not share information with you on off grid living, you want to write about live off grid for a few years then write your book.


    Wow wingler, you are some sort of ignorant aren’t you? Apprently you didn’t actually read or try to comprehend what kind of book I try to intend. I’m not writing a book about what switches you need to flip, what wires you need to cut up, what technical details a person needs to get up and running for an off grid home. Its a book that has the basics off all available ideas, technologies, and just goes over the BASIC PRINCIPLES of such things. A person doesn’t need to fight in a war to write about. News reporters don’t need to be climatologists to report about climate change. I don’t need to live in an off grid outhouse somewhere in Arizona to tell people that you can make energy from the sun, and collect rainwater. People can figure out how to build a boat themselves, but first they need to know that building a boat is even an option.
    Sorry you don’t want to give help me at all, apparently I haven’t “proved” myself enough to be allowed into the “off-grid shaolin clan”. Guess i’m not cool enough for the cool kids, apparently I need to overcome the Rite of Passage, walk on coals, and cover myself with flesh eating ants before Elder Chief bwingler will give me an interview and tell me his experience of living off grid. I AM NOT WORTHY! I AM NOT WORTHY OF YOUR ALMIGHTY PRESENCE OH GREAT AND WISE BWINGLER OF THE ARIZONA OFF-GRID PORT-A-POTTY CLUB!


    Littlebang, I realize you are young and your age/maturity is speaking here, it’s hard to be schooled by other people, but if you could just look past the anger for a minute, I think you have gotten some pretty sage advice here, yes anyone can write about anything, but you will be taken more seriously if you have some experience in what you are writing about…. would you fly with pilot who only had theory but no real flight time? Would you go to a doctor for surgery if that doctor had only read about that surgery? Even if you know everything there is to know about living off grid, if you haven’t actually done it, then you really don’t know all the ins and outs of living the life.

    You said you were going to get your information from the internet, I have to say that anyone can post anything to the internet, doesn’t make it correct, so if you are just regurgitating what someone else said, you have no way of knowing if they are giving accurate and good information. I have seen some very inaccurate info given on the internet, something that might work for one person in their situation and location might not work for someone else in a different place.

    Why not DO what you are wanting to do, live off grid, write about your experiences starting from scratch and starting from the beginning, keep a journal about your experiences over the next 3-5 years living off grid, write the good and the bad, the successes and failures, now that would be book worthy and people will take you seriously.



    LMAO at you littlebang, I have to admit your reply is very entertaining. Sorry I’m still laughing at you atm. You did get part of it right, I am half native american. And yes i know what your intentions are, to try to make some money on something you know nothing about by riding on the coat tails of the ones that do.



    perhaps a blog is a better way to start your concept.

    Gather the information, organize it, and put it online to see the responses you get first.

    I can see your intentions for assisting in sourcing supplies from China, but there are so many already doing that, and it is best to know the technologies, and the differences in good and bad products… Stick with the gathering of information to share with the world.


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