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    Nick Rosen

    I would enjoy visitors who are interested in a simpler off-grid style. A suggestion would be to sort of barter a short internship: trade a few days of just checking out my systems and general homestead techniques & buildings, for some labor such as splitting a cord of seasoned lodgepole and juniper rounds, which I have stacked, but need to split eventually for next winter. I’m living on a 160 acre high desert homestead in extreme northeastern California, surrounded by public lands in a beautiful valley. The electrical system is photovoltaics plus a windmill in 24 volts, everything inverted to 120vac house current, including small refrigerator, well pump, computer & the usual small appliances. The cabin is 20 x 24, with a guest octagon nearby which also has electricity & internet access. Might be a great experience for anyone gathering ideas about going off-grid in a relatively low-budget way. Drop me a note at: dunevalleyite at y ahoo dot com or leave a note here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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