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    Nick Rosen

    Is there anyone out there that would entirely without electrical appliances, or electrical energy?


    That’s a valid question; however another question would be why would you? Electricity is the most versatile and cleanest form of energy we have discovered so far. Some would take exception to my use of the term ‘cleanest’ but this is probably because they associate electricity with some forms of power generators that are emitting pollution in the form of dirty smoke or maybe radioactive waste products. That is confusing the method of generation with the actual end product. Electrical energy can be transformed into heat and motion in so many different ways. Electricity can be transmitted over great distances. Electricity can be stored for later use. No wonder greedy corporations have grabbed control of the means of generating, transmitting and storing electrical energy. they know electricity is so essential people are willing to pay for it and then when people become dependent on electricity they try to extort more profit from delivering electricity to the end users.

    The movement to go ‘off grid’ is really a movement to get away from being subjugated by these greedy corporations; not to get away from electricity itself.


    Anyone without electricity can’t answer you and around

    here we call them the Amish.


    After I went through the computer and internet withdrawal, I believe I could live just fine without electricity and electrical appliances. We live closer to that reality than most other people, and we are perfectly happy.



    The world Health Organization has determined that indoor air quality contributes over a million deaths per year from lung diseases. The reason for this poor air quality isfuel combustion from cooking fires and flame based illumination lamps.( candles, lanterns and oil burning devices)

    Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to elevated carbon monoxide levels and other combustion by products?

    We have the technology to provide light indoors without resorting to such unhealthy old style methods dating back many centuries. Oh sure I get nostalgic when I smell the odours from a burning lantern; that is until my chronic asthma brings on a coughing fit to remind me my health is now compromised from beathing in the fumes for too many years.


    My wife and I lived without electricity or running water for many years and did not miss it. It is a matter of orientation. We had battery powered radio and needed nothing else. We had a well for water. We did not have a build up of fumes in the house (elnav) because we opened the windows. Folks did just fine without all these luxuries for hundreds of years before Edison came along and invented a light bulb.We are also not Amish (for trm’s benefit), we’re mountain folks. We now have solar systems and gravity flow water and are living in the lap of luxury. We’ve been off the grid for most of our adult lives, and it’s a way of life for us. If we want something we grow it or make it or trade for it. We are in our 60’s so may have a head start on most of you.


    As a life long collector of knives and some time amateur knife maker let me first say how much I admire your workmanship. I have on occasion seen photos of your work in books on the subject.

    As TRM observed we could not partake in this discussion without electricity. For the original poster to ask us if we would live without electricity is like asking in church if anyone there did not believe in God.

    You state you lived with out electricity yet you also decided more recently to have solar power and a radio. That implies you decided life with electricity was better than life without electricity. I’m the same age as you. Life witout electricity was fun at age twenty but these days it sure is nice to have it. Moderate use of electricity is a major improvement over life some 200 years ago. I belonged to a pioneer re-enactment group for 15 years and nothing newer than 1840 was allowed. Even the guys with percussion caps instead of flintlocks were derided as being too modern. So yeah I’ve been there, done that. The good steel you use in your knives would not be possible without modern electric furnaces. When the only drinkable water is 300 feet straight down you are not going to get it without an electric pump. Deepest hand pump I heard of was less than 150 feet down.

    Yes; life without electricity was possible even back in the stone age but who would willingly chose this over having even some modest electrical system on hand? < smile>


    Wow people quoting me I’m flattered. As Lee has pointed out

    it’s not only easiy but natural to live off grid if that is

    what you were taught. What the h@#$ are we teaching our



    The original question as to who would chose to live without any electricity is valid becausee it ties into the greater issue of what exactly constitutes living ON grid and OFf-grid. Defining what is grid as opposed to a community co-op power distrivution network has not been clearly spelled out. At least in this region we have entire towns powered by a standalone generator. So that begs the question are the residents in this community (town) on or off grid?


    Electricity is a tool just like our original stone tools.

    Humans forming comminities, and hunting in prides is the

    foundation of the world today. The Global comminity is driven

    by people who belive to Quote Ted Turner ” that there

    are only 225,000 useful people in the world, the rest are

    useless eaters” I’m pretty sure that Ted did not include me

    or you in that 225,000. They use the grid to enslave humans

    heance net metering is not allowed in most places.

    Off grid is freedom, freedom from them, the real question

    is how much is your freedom worth, what sacrafices are you

    willing to make? Some will go without technology, some not

    and some maybe just are ” useless eaters “


    I’d be willing. I know it’ll be hard. I’m working hard at lowering my reliance on electricity. My husband says that he’ll make sure we have electricity somehow, no matter what our situation is. However, we’re not planning on having batteries, so at best we’ll have power when the sun shines.

    I look around our place right now and … the fridge is running, my laptop is running, and we have one 60 watt light on. No other electricity.

    The most difficult thing to give up would be the fridge, followed by my computer and internet.

    For me, being off-grid means that I won’t be relying on The Faceless Them for our needs. If we banded together with a group of like-minded people and managed to get a simple “mini-grid” going, I would still consider that Off-grid.

    But if you’re buying electricity (or water, or food, or maintained roads, or library services, or whatever) from people you don’t and will never know, then you’re disconnected from the source of your needs.


    Not me! but electricity would be solar/wind. Enough solar/wind/battery for a fridge,laptop and maybe a tv. Off grid to me is reduced dependence on the gas,water,power companies. With technology you can effectivly take those big companies out of the picture. A temperate yr round climate is a HUGE help. I dont see off grid living as living like its the 1700s. With planning,research and some elbow grease you can live pretty good.




    Live without electricity? Not for long. Now live without being tied to the electric grid, that is something entirely different. Although we presently are only “off the grid” half the year, we do enjoy the amenities that our batteries/solar panels and generator provide. We also plan to add a couple of new propane appliances (stove and fridge) next year.

    It can be done. I just prefer not to. Buying ice gets too damn expensive and is a lot more trips into town than we care to make.


    I have camped many, many times without electricity, or with a battery operated radio. Usually with a battery operated or flame light to see at night, and often with a campfire. Camping for periods of time is nice in many ways, but permanently living that way—-no.

    I like our independent home and Earthship, it is kind of like camping in the mountains every day, but with benefits and comforts. Solar electricity is great and I have enough for internet communications, LED screen TV, and to run my big electric guitar amps. When the sun isn’t shining, I can play on a lower wattage amp or use the acoustic. I can limit my TV, and heat coil oven use. I am happier when the sun shines, for sure.

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