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    I don’t understand why so many people here want a colony to move to or trying to start one. Come on people cant you stand on your own two feet? I enjoy the privacy i have on our off grid homestead and wouldn’t have it any other way. I think to many wanna be’s are to Institutionalized to move off grid, sure you all talk the talk but why don’t you walk the walk and do it yourself? Just my 2 cents.


    I enjoy the privacy i have on “our” off grid homestead

    enjoy the privacy i have on “our”

    i have on “our”

    on “our”


    Many are single and seek another .. you already have “OUR” so yea your happy duhhh


    Wow what a bitter person , no wonder duhh


    Survivalists want a colony for when TSHTF. Hopefully to defend themselves better, grow more complete nutrition, have a small manufacturing base, and have enough people to prevent genetic erosion and start civilization anew.

    I have read of many back to nature communes that failed from personal differences coming to a nasty head. They all look good on paper or through rose colored glasses of ignorance in human psychology and physiology. The old and the young can not produce for the good of all as much as healthy educated adults. Then some are greedy and some downright wicked at times. People differentiate and can’t agree.

    However, there is the history and ways of some of the tribes of yore that worked until they were conquered. So a tribal type government and living could work, if there was no larger antagonistic tribe around, and if pollution effects were not global.

    I had thought of Earthship Villages living sustainably and harmoniously, but then remembered the relentless positive feedback loop of methane turnover and what that will do to the long term chances……….


    There are pros and cons to both… I believe many people who are asking or wanting to move into or create a colony are doing so because they have little or no experience in living off grid, they are looking for other people to supply the knowledge they may lack. It’s also a safety in numbers kind of thing. And it’s true, in a group setting, you can accomplish more things than you can alone in a much quicker timetable.

    In a group situation though, you have to establish who the leaders are, and how the group will/should be governed. Do you have many rules or few rules? What is acceptable? Do you want people to have weapons or not? Will there be communal food or will each family or personal unit be responsible for their own food and cleanup? Will it be vegetarian only? What about religious beliefs, allowed, required or forbidden? Who would actually OWN the property and what rights do those who do not have their names on the property have? What is expected of everyone as far as contributing to the group? What about money? Will those living there be expected to contribute money, labor, or what? What about personal property?

    Many who live off grid, do it on their own, either as a single person or as a couple or family unit. The good thing about that is you answer only to yourself, not to a group. You can have a sense of independence that you would not get in a group setting. No one is going to “vote you out” of the group. You decide what your rules will be, no one is going to tell you what you can or cannot do (within reason, there are always social and legal rules and limits placed upon you by the town, county, state and national authorities). The bad part is potentially not having enough hands around to help you do the things you need to do, like building, digging, gardening and such. If you get into a jam, there might not be anyone else around to pull you out. And there are going to be fewer eyes to watch what you have done, you cannot be your own 24 hour security, you have to sleep sometime.

    Personally, I prefer the lone prepper kind of setting, just my hubby and myself, I wouldn’t want to risk having a group of people around with all the drama that can go on in a group. I enjoy living in a small community where I can get help when needed without having to expose myself to the problems a group setting can have. At the most, I might allow close family members to join, but they would have to contribute, just as I would be expected to contribute if I moved in with them.



    What makes you think i am bitter? I was relaying to you who has a partner / our / that many others seek that and so they seek to be on a community where they might find that. I have my partner and so maybe you might want to not be so bitter.

    The other people gave the more obvious answers to you which is having help and other to pitch in so they are not alone doing it by themselves..


    I was just wondering why is all, it seems to me that in group settings there are more chiefs and no braves, i myself like the lone prepper approach, Desert Deb is a single person living OTG and we all do help each other but have seperate lives, To centralpafarm, your reply was to me abit over the edge, all i was asking is why, People need to learn to stand on there own two feet given the world as it is today. If I can take my family out of the burbs to a remote desert location and make it totally OTG and no neighbors around and the same applies to Deb, We started out with nothing, no jobs and lived in a tent. Guess i look at it as survival not like its a neighborhood setting, after all that is why we did it.


    Well i took my 88 yr old mother out to the country with just a broken down trailer which i traded for a couch and a chair. Mom and me lived in that for 2 months while i had to recaulk 240 window panes and chase out the squirrels that overran the old 1820 house i had to restore. It was october so i had to patch walls while it was freezing and fight squirrels and keep mom warm and cook and carry our poo and pee and well now life is easier. My story is here if you click my name. It will show my site. It just kinda frustrates me when people coupled together wonder why single people want to be coupled or at least living with others.

    Be well peace


    Bwingler, first off, it shouldn’t take a harvard education to read your first post and see the inflamatory nature of the way you put your opinion out there. It can easily be read like this.

    “I know what I’m talking about, listen to me, you people wanting to colony are stupid, scared, off grid wannabe’s. I’m right you are wrong. My way is the only right way!”

    I prefer to make a go at this as a family unit, as that is where my trust lies at the moment and I know my wife is all in with me, that’s nice and all. I also would be able to manage it with little to no issue as a single person unit. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s the right way for everyone. People starting or wanting to join colony type units are people that either don’t have the needed skills to do everything they may need to do so they plan to build a talent pool of trustable people to share tasks, don’t have the needed tools so once again, they desire to pool resources for the benefit of all involved, or funds to do everything they need to do so once again, pooling resources for the benefit of all involved, or maybe just like safety in numbers, some even desire companionship or whatever the reason it matters not. They are working toward a more sustainable life. That should be encouraged no matter the route they choose to get there.

    Fact: People throughout history have always been more successful in colonies. The work load goes down, the sting of failure is greatly reduced, and standards of living typically go way up the more contributing hands there are in a colony.

    As a colony, if you get injured, there is always enough hands to cover down and get your work done, someone fails, there are enough working toward the same goal they can likely scratch through failures with minimal consequences. As a family unit that becomes more difficult as there is a greatly increased risk of not having anyone with the skill, strength, etc to get the work done needing done if an injury occurs or something out of the ordinary fails, your failures effect your entire family, not just yourself, As well as the fact that as a family unit you are typically all in, there isn’t much backup plan availability. As a single unit, it can result in severe consequences even death if you get injured or fail.

    So you do it the way you want, I’ll do it the way I want, and others will do it the way they want. People creating and participating in off grid colonies, and managing them correctly with the right people artypically have a very high rate of success. Poorly managed colonies fail and people scatter their own merry way with typically nothing more than some wasted time and money..

    Bottom line is this. Just because someone chooses to reach the same goal as you through a different route doesn’t make them wrong, nor does it make them a cowardly wannabe who isn’t brave enough, it simply means that THEY are not YOU. So hop off the soap box and contribute something other than an arrogantly written “Hey! Look at me, do it my way or your stupid.” themed post.


    For those of us with children and grandchildren we are looking to not only our future but thier’s also and children need other children to play with. Who knows maybe someone will lay the foundations of a better society that can be copied, besides it’s in a community that people are at thier strongest.


    Let me chime in. Some people can live alone but they still occasionally get supplies and assistance from those that don’t. Community is very important in human history. It’s just really though to live life without some things brought to us through group efforts. Look at the Ahmish! They live so well because of community. Look at the first pioneers to this country!(USA) Again community was key to survival. I think a move to community efforts is an attempt to get more away from larger systems to a life that would be a bit better than that of a hermit. And not all people need other people, but many of us do. We are social animals. There are times to be by yourself and times to be around other people, working and otherwise. I think it boils down to a sense of community, brotherhood, common goals.


    IT depends what you mean by a colony – if you mean a commune – with set rules for all – many want to get a very close alliance with others of very similar mindset.

    My own preference is for a colony in the sense of a set of individual households – hundreds of them in the same small area, but all self-governing, with minimal rules other than the law of the land

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