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    What magazine is the most helpful in learning about do it yourself wind and solar energy???

    Nick Rosen

    This is a great source of information..

    Nick Rosen

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    Homepower is a great magazine, but ultimately every place and budget is different, and your best bet is to find a local expert to help you. I stress local because when things go wrong you need local help.


    The local chapter of Greenpeace can be a good place to start.


    one favorite of mine i found on fortunate accident, is and the paper mag itself is just called “Make:”

    to get some of its feel and vibe on the back of one it says: “I’ve chosen concentration rather than conformity, imagination in place of mainstream social acceptance.”

    hope that helped, I know its helped me here and there, and is different and interesting, have a nice day

    Nick Rosen

    Hmmm . . . I don’t know how much help you would get from someone locally as long as you are looking for do it yourself ideas. There are some good ideas in magazines, but I think that getting creative in your on line searching will turn up a lot of independent, isolated, great ideas. A magazine may help conslolidate and do some of the weeding for you, but I have always found my best do it yourself ideas from online searches or by keyword searching forums like this one.


    I live off the grid using solar panels and most of the information I got was from these sources.

    Check out the Homesteading Today forum at They have an alternative energy board there and a good share of the members are living with different forms of power.

    Another is They will send you a free catalog if you are going off the grid as they do not do grid tied systems. It you buy from them, you can call them anytime with questions and they will walk you through your problems.

    Also at Backwoods Home Magazine they have some very good articles on alternative energy systems written by Jeffrey Yago and that is at

    Even Mother Earth Magazine has some really good alternative energy articles. The best writers are the ones who live with it…….not just talk about it.



    I forgot an important site that has very helpful information and links to other sites. You could spend all day there! Solar Gary’s site at:


    Member is a decent resource, and they link to tons of other online resources. They have personal experiences as well as documented research.


    i get the most use from



    thanks for the information.

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Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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  1. Gen Agustsson

    we say no to corporate take over and say yes to off grid shelters! buy your own home not just rent their home!