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    I never have been much of a Walmart shopper. Hurry in and out was always my motto. Four months ago I finally said enough and decided to never again shop at a Walmart again. There were two “last straws” for me and I said enough. The first was the way they bribed their way into Mexico. The second was their treatment of Thanksgiving. Not content to keep their crazy “black Friday” on the day after Thanksgiving, they decided to start it on Thanksgiving. Now Thanksgiving to me has always been a day to gather close with family and pause and appreciate what we have. But Walmart having already started pushing Christmas well before Halloween decided to take Thanksgiving too. Enough. I never did shop at Sams cause I couldn’t see paying a “membership fee” for the privilege of buying their stuff. So for four months I haven’t been to Walmart and still have no intention to do so ever again. The closest town to me is 45 min. away and I find most everything I need at the other stores there. If not, Amazon is good, fast, free shipping right to my house and no sales tax. I lived fine for years before there was Walmart, and I plan to spend the rest of my years without them.


    I agree that most large retail stores are frustrating, try working for one, it’s even worse, I worked in retail for many years, Best Buy, the day after Thanksgiving was retail hell for me. I will still shop at WalMart though, and Sam’s, mainly because I can get better prices in there, yes it does cost money for the privilege of shopping at Sam’s, the closest one to me is 3 hours away so I don’t get to shop there often, once every couple of months on average, but even with the yearly club fee and not shopping often, it’s still a major savings for me, I buy things in bulk and for me, that’s the best place to buy.

    I do shop online a lot, mainly because of the fact that I’m so far from any major retail stores, I love Amazon, it’s the first place I check when I want or need something, I can often find things cheaper and many times I get free shipping. I don’t mind waiting a week to get my stuff either, that’s because chances are I would have to wait that long to drive into town anyhow. Living in an isolated rural location has its advantages and disadvantages, since I’m not a major shopper, it’s not a big deal to me. :)



    We shop Walmart occasionally because certain things are much cheaper, although I totally hate the trade imbalance with communist China.    Communists are still one of our enemies, to me.    I shop a lot at ebay or Amazon, even though I know Amazon stinks politically to me.  Ebay often has the better deal, and sometimes Amazon.   Other online stores are good deals, too.  After years I know where to go or how to research.  I get products so much less than the nearest town, even with shipping added.   Free shipping is great.

    Bonus points on my paid off every month credit card are very nice, too.  Nothing like getting special coupons and $25 off my next grocery shopping trip every 3 months.

    I sometimes sell on ebay, too.  If I’m lucky, I don’t lose too much!


    I used to think I saved money shopping at walmart. When I could no longer bring myself to patronize them and really started looking elsewhere I found that there are plenty of bargains to be found elsewhere. A few examples…local Mom and Pop convenience had wide mouth canning lids for half what walmart was selling them for. They had been setting on the shelf for a few years and never marked up. I got 10 dozen. Grocery store in same town as walmart supercenter will price match. I always use ground chicken instead of beef and when they have boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale they will grind and package it for me. Local hardware store had some great solar yard lights for $10.00. Dollar store is where I get my cleaning supplies and personal care products. You get the idea. Shop around a little. It’s so worth it.


    Glad it’s working for you Sylvia, I love shopping mom & pop places, we have a few of them where I live (20 miles to the nearest town with 1 tiny grocery store, 40 miles to the next town with 2 medium small grocery stores, not much else to choose from, oh and all 3 grocery stores are owned by the same people/company), things do tend to cost more out here but it’s the distances the products have to come to get here, you have to weigh the cost of the local item to the cost of the fuel to be able to buy cheaper…

    As I said, I get to town (the one that is 3 hours away) about once every other month, I’m driving another person (I’m her caretaker) so we are going to dr appts, then whatever time is left is devoted to shopping, there is usually enough time to hit Sam’s and WalMart (they are next to each other), we try our best to have shopping lists so we aren’t just wandering through the store trying to remember what we need… quite frankly we don’t have the time to drive all over town looking for other stores to shop, it’s often after midnight after we get back as it is.

    I do wish that town had a whole foods market type store, I would shop there, but would still hit WalMart and Sam’s Club to get the things I couldn’t get there (especially the bulk items).

    Our closest town is about to open a real mom & pop place, they are in the process of getting their store stocked and hopefully will open soon, it’s going to be like a country general store, I will shop there and hopefully they will be able make it, I know the locals are excited about them. They had a pre-opening open house one Saturday many months ago, I went and the main thing they were doing was taking requests for what to carry, they seem like really nice folks, the prices they have in their store is a bit on the steep side though, but as I said before, you have to balance paying higher prices locally vs the fuel costs of getting it cheaper elsewhere.



    Walmart is a import/export company – imports cheap junk from China and exports wealth and jobs


    walmart is more expensive now they have people hooked. Its the same with homedepot. I stopped going to them for a few yrs now and go to local stores and ask to make deals which they will do. Besides walmart cheats its workers etc etc etc


    now Costco is a great company and the owner pays its workers great and the prices are good too. Honest


    Well done Sylvia, I always prefer to use small independent stores.

    I believe that the world would be much better off without the likes of Walmart.

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