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    Iron Edison

    I am interested to see if anyone is using any other types of batteries for their off-grid cabin. (ni-cad or ni-fe, maybe micro pump hydro, for example)

    What are you using?

    How well does it work?

    Iron Edison

    I am not getting a ton of traction with this post. I am however talking with a customer who has been using a set of Nickel Iron batteries (150ah) for 27 years.

    The cells were used when they came to him, and he has used them without problem for over 2 decades.

    Two of the cells need new electrolyte, which we are helping to provide. A couple of equalizing charges and the old batteries will be just like new!


    Electrolyte for nickle iron batteries is Lye from what I hear.. caustic soda I think, is another term. Lye in the industry is sodium hydroxide, but home made its potasium hydroxide. the potasium hydroxide is made from the fine white powdery ash from burnt wood from what I understand. This is how homemade lye soap is made.


    Nickel iron electrolyte is a mixture of potassium hydroxide (KOH) and Lithium hydroxide (LiOH)

    They should both be high quality grades and not some “off the shelf” stuff.

    I have a small set of nickel iron cells that are 70 years old that I believe at one time where used for powering up a radio. They are 37.5 Ah battery that I turned into a 12V battery. I use them to recharge small electric items such as my cell phone, AA and AAA rechargeable batteries etc. Indeed they work like new after so many years.

    Iron Edison:

    I believe the cells you are selling are not made identical to the original nickel iron battery and I correct? Do you believe that your cells will last as long as the original cells and what so what makes you think that when materials today generally are not what they used to be when Thomas Edison started making his cells.


    SolarPVGuy: KOH and LiOH? why is this combination important and what is the ratio in the mix? 50:50? or And is there a common source for lithium hydroxide or cheap source?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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