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    As reportred in a recent article on off-grid, a man was arrested in London as he downloaded email outside a house whihc had unsecured broadband.

    As a service to the law enforcement community worldwide, this thread is now the place to warn householders and businesses of unsecured broadband which could possibly be used to piggyback an internet conection from a laptop with a wireless modem.

    For example, at the McDonald’s outside Warren Street station in Central London, if you sit at the window facing the station you get great reception from several local businesses. It is particularly comfortable because there is a nice wide ledge and plenty of seating. Contact me direct for more details.

    Nick Rosen

    Is there a difference if you hook onto a free business wireless instead of private (such as the apple store on regent street or one of the many free services from cafes in london) in terms of illegal downloads porn etc.

    I heard there was a service provider in spain what was giving away wireless routers and providing cheaper broadband if the user didn’t put any password protection on, a sort of private / community wireless network (not sure if this is a myth).

    I’m all for setting up generic passwords to allow wireless users to share connections locally, nationally and globally. Also hope we’re following places like New York that seems to have loads of free wireless, check out bryant park ( for starters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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