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    I’ve been legally off-grid since 1998.  All solar power, Earthship, hybrid, gardens, composting, one child, and green.  No one has hassled me.  I keep a neat yard, and pay my taxes.

    There are plenty of homeless hovels and illegal camps around the world.  Places that don’t care if you eat or drink your own pollution, or others’.  Plenty of conspiracy theory blogs.  Go there.


    where are you now?


    Right now I am in Bosnia and off grid life would be good here, but the country is falling apart. Where can I find those places where I can do everything like you said Dustoffer? Please help me finding those places.


    This page is really great.

    You really look like experts when it comes to living off the grid,

    and so I think you are the ones that can help me.

    Researching this lifestyle, I came across agenda 21

    and their Nuisance Abatement Teams.

    They can take take away your land, destroy your house or order you to do it yourself.

    This especially applies for people living of the grid.

    Can you please tell me more about it?

    I planned to immigrate to US, and begin to living this way, but now I am worried.

    Does this tyranny apply to other countries as well, or just US and UK?

    I am thinking about Canada or New Zealand. Are they any good for a life like this?

    Any help with this matter would greatly help me.

    Most off grid sites underestimate governments

    as a threat to freedom of people like us. I contacted a few of them,

    and every single off grid community shrugs me off to another one.

    Please don’t be the same. Just answer my questions to the best of your ability. Thanks in advance!


    Like I said in which paragraph?

    In paragraph one it is the over-full USA.

    In paragraph two, I saw it on Earth Day One in Vietnam, another overfull place. Conspiracy blogs of all kinds can be googled or found on other search engines.

    Very few places in the world are not over-full, and you should try to help your country not fall apart, find a remote area and build green off-grid there.

    northern person

    Koragg you should think Canada. What are your skills.


    Remember that we will all ultimately die and so running away gets us only a short distance away from the reality of the truth of life. Yes there is more than just this earthly realm. Try standing your ground there if you can. I have read about others trying to set up off grid locations over there. I think it was on reachbook in .. be blessed wherever you are and do your best and teach love and share love and know that there will come a time to deal with the ultimate truth of all truths.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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