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    Im looking to go off grid, but where to go? I hold a European country’s passport, so anywhere in the EU is possible. I have children and homeschool them, which is non-negotiable, so many countries are impossible due to their strict regulations/prohibition.  The UK  is too restrictive, intrusive and expensive.

    Somewhere where any governmental interference in day to day life is easily avoided, and land is cheap and fertile! Ild appreciate any ideas or personal experiences.



    Hi Sparrow,

    I totally agree with you I’ve been trying to get off grid here in the Uk for two years without success any thoughts  or ideas you care to share would be appreciated…… I can be reached @


    I’m pretty much off-grid in the UK but I agree that the regulations make it very difficult. I know a couple who went to Bulgaria and they seem to think it’s great over there.



    Hi! Ill drop you a note, Trapper.


    Marc,  Bulgaria prohibits home education, and education is strictly controlled by the government! I agree it looks like a good place, apart from that.

    Ive been looking at South America instead. I think I might have to give up on Europe.



    Hi Sparrow

    We are also looking to go off grid, and have homeschooled children. We are looking in to Spain. Homeschool are illigal there, but about 2000 families does it anyway. I have been writing with some from Denmark WHO now lives in Spain and homeschool, and they told me that the state dont keep records of kids, so as long that you dont get reportet, you unofficial can homeschool.

    We are a Family of 6 (mom, dad and 4 kids in the age of 6-12), and are planning on going to Spain NeXT spring (April).

    We are looking for a off grid community or people to start one with. It is important for ud to get our own spase (land to build a house, and grow our food), but still have a working and social community.

    If this sounds interesting, please write me:


    In Portugal, as far as I know homeschooling is totally legal plus lot’s of sunshine and you find rather cheap lands for sale at the country side, which is a big factor if you’re planning to plant your own food, I’ve just been looking at some places in the mountains there, with even access to spring water which is kinda great. Me and my husband we are thinking about going off the grid too, or at least having a more independent and sustainable way of life, we have a 4 year old daughter so since you guys are pretty much on the same page, I’d love to hear how plannings are working out for you and any tips about communities/places to discuss this topic (alternative living in Europe with kids) would be great.


    I know this is a rather old post, but it doesn’t hurt to try right? And excuse me for any grammar errors english is not my 1st language. :)


    Hi. My partner and I live off the grid in the Algarve in Portugal. We have had our plot of land for just over a year and hope to be fully self sufficient very soon.

    If you would like any advice about going off the grid or how to find land, etc then feel free to email me at

    The whole process has been challenging, but the best thing we ever did. :)

    Best wishes

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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