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    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which oompany to buy solar products from?


    I got mine just after a trade show.

    The solar panels were the ones I researched.

    The store sold them to me as “used” solar panels because they had been mounted (had screw holes for the ground wire).

    I got my other components from West Marine hardware.

    They do have mail order.

    Their policy for returns was helpful: open packages carefully, get the Tech Support phone number to be able to ask useful questions about the components.

    If necessary exchange for a different model.

    West Marine allowed cash refund, if I paid cash, credit debit or check according to how I paid.

    The best part, from my standpoint, was high quality for a “marine environment”.

    Their tinned throughout “marine grade” electrical cable including multiple shielded wire and high quality flexible copper battery cables were worth it.

    In fact, everything was first-class. But I had to shop.

    I got a great deal of help at Real Goods, Ukiah, CA. They had demonstration models and books. I had to read about a dozen books to get up to speed.

    I had to be selective.

    I also found two mail order catelogues especially helpful, one from Arizona and one from Idaho.

    Two articles in Home Power magazine helped me a great deal.

    I purchased the solar panels in Laytonville, after a show.


    WoW! talk about paying caddilac prices for a chevy. In the boating trade we always figure on paying a big premium for West Marine products. Ouch!!

    for wiring products try they carry all the same stuff as the marine guys. I used to work for Xantrex and we sold to West Marine.


    When I did my solar electric systems, I shopped around and ended up using four different companies for various components (major, and others for wire and batteries, mounting hardware, etc.). I also did it well in advance and bought sale items. I found a lot of profiteers out there and some places had good deals on some stuff, but lousy deals on others. It takes a little effort to surf for the deals, and plan in advance.



    I don’t see that it describes the wire as tinned all the way through, inside the covering, not just the ends. If that.

    The wire I purchased was tinned all the entire length of the wire.

    I also do not see it describes the wire shielding for shielded multi-strand cable either.

    The multi-strand shielded cable I purchased was shielded throughout.

    Of course, I was not doing a big installation.

    I did not feel any “ouch” factor. I felt the price was fair for retail.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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