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    Here is general call for advice and info.

    Where are the best places online for buying off-grid supplies – please feel free to add HTML links in your replies – I am talking about things like solar panels, inverters, generators, tents, hand-cranked machines from coffee-grinders to water pumps, mobile phones and chargers, low energy laptops, 12 volt pressure cookers, the list is endless.


    Ebay has panels for as little as $1.85/watt shipped.

    Eveb various amounts of needed wire! has just about everything, too. At both places you can comparison shop. Inverters, charge controllers, mounting supplies, etc.

    Sometimes the best deal for you including shipping may one site for one thing and the other for something else. Sometimes getting a package deal from a store site that you googled may be best.

    Here are the batteries I wish they had when I started;

    Are your Lead Acid Batteries Feeling Tired?

    Coming in July, we will receive a large stock of our 300Ah & 400Ah cells! If your lead acid batteries are feeling tired or worn out, think of replacing them with an Iron Edison battery that will last you 20+ years!

    If you are currently using the recommended 30% DOD from your 1,000Ah lead acid battery bank, you will find the 400Ah Nickel Iron Battery to be the right fit for you. This is because with Nickel Iron we can give you up to 85% DOD. If you are looking for even more storage capacity, we can parallel multiple 400Ah cells to give you an 800Ah battery.

    Go on-line at or give us a call at 720-432-6433 to reserve yours today!

    Iron Edison

    Hands down the lowest prices on Solar Panels:


    There are many other places for “off grid” products.

    Backwoods Solar also has a catalog

    BeUtilityFree has a great Sourcebook

    Real Goods also has a good Surcebook

    I would be leery of buying solar modules off of eBay as many of those organizations are fly by night operations. I would deal with a company that has a track record.

    In regards to the nickel iron battery, BeUtilityFree also sells nickel iron batteries and I believe actually stocks them and they will match or beat any one else’s price on nickel iron cells plus I believe has the best battery warranty in the industry.


    My husband is a disabled veteran that has been recently told living in the city is bad for his PTSD, so we are “bugging out” as he calls it. we have been planning and researching every detail for going completely 100% off grid for about a year now and have found a few sites that looked perfect for our plans: yes these are solar generators, however they have a kit which comes with 4 panels and 2 generators and each generator stores about 34 hours of power. I am not saying this is best, but just an idea as a backup perhaps. You could always rotate the two generators for example. of course has just about anything you can think of. We will be purchasing a woodburning cookstove through them, which of course also heats the home. This is going to be our key to everything else really. For those who don’t know, these kits make fuel for everything from a lawnmower to a semi-truck and they make up to 150 gallons out of used cooking oil, soy beans, compost (yes biodegradable garbage)etc etc…The cheapest kit is $2995.00 however it includes everything right down to the steel storage barrel and a one time cost of a couple of thousand for a (much much) cleaner and cheaper fuel is well worth the cost I think personally.


    tinyoak for alternative fuels try looking at a centrifuge. this will heat and clean waste oil for instant use. making bio is a great skill to have, however, the time of converting the fuel, the fire hazard, and of course the energy needed to heat, filter and transfer. and the foot print is only about 24 inches square. time and space.

    cheers g

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