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    Just a thought for the new year.

    As a child up to my teen years I remember pumping water for my grand parents, I remember going out to the out house (the left door) (right was off limits for men and boys).  Had to split wood every evening for the next days heat and cooking.  The long rows in the garden we had to hoe.  The trips down to the river to catch supper.

    The Funny thing is I never remember them complaining and fussing over what to watch on TV (since i was 14 when they got the first black and white one).  They didnt have full electricity till I was 10 (to far out in the country).  They never missed a meal, never remember them sick since they always had home remedies and such.   They lived a very simple life but very self sustaining.  They raised cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and a few other animals so they had milk, meat.  The garden was 1/2 acre but feed the 14 kids they had and the grandkids.

    My grand parents insured everyone knew how to cook, clean, garden, hunt, fish and take care of the farm.  ALL knowledge passed on.  Why is it today generation has went away from this?

    Our lifestyle change back to the basic’s I was taught by my grand parents has been a such a stress relief that I dont think I could return to the present day rat race.  Our very basic home (12 x 40 with lofts) 880 sq ft of usable space, pot belly wood stove (for heat and cooking).  Yes we will have SOLAR and WIND power for electricity and water from a small well we are digging ourself.  Living off the land and raising our animals.  It want be exactly as they lived, but we are so much more relaxed.   We have been called crazy, stupid, out of touch but we really dont care.

    What do you think of this?  Is this something you strive for?  Just curious to know how many people out there have taken a look back and made this type of choice?

    Chime in.  Would love to see the feed back and comments.  God Bless and have a Merry CHRISTmas and a Relaxing New Year.


    Its basically how i live now..

    soon i will have the horse and buggy to go with my barn and the pasture for my animals across my trout stream.

    I just am waiting for a partner to share it with me and live this simple life.


    Nothing, nothing at all is wrong with it.  When we talk about how we are choosing to take a step back and provide for ourselves rather than be a part of the consume consume consume society the US has managed to turn us into, people look at us like we have lost our minds, some even looking at us incredulously and saying “Why on earth would you ever want to live like that?”.  And if we keep going this route and being brainwashed into thinking that it’s the only right way to live, we’ll eventually be a nation of slaves.  See, eventually Americans are going to HAVE to start producing more of what we consume, at the current rate, we are producing very little of what we consume so all of our wealth is going overseas.  You best believe that eventually we will be FORCED to become producers again.  And when I say forced, one way or another, we will have to, whether forced by our government, a foreign government, the UN, or just out of pure necessity because of economic collapse (a probability).  We will have to start producing again whether we like it or not.

    With that said.  I want to teach my kids to provide for themselves.  I want to provide for myself, I don’t want anyone telling me what I have to eat, what I have to drink, or how I should be providing for and raising my family.  But it’s coming to that.  See, in a massively consumer society, self sufficiency will be demonized and frowned upon by the powers that be.  When we as a nation become a nation of people dependant on others to provide for us, we can more easily be convinced by the powers that be to sign away our rights and freedoms to them so they can continue to help provide for us since we no longer provide for ourselves.  Those who provide for themselves will soon enough become considered a fringe part of society and demonized (already happening), and even forced at government gun point to give up their self sufficient ways (already happening as well), and upone removal may even get to witness the government destorying all their hard work, their gardens and their livestock (Already happening).  So we need to be ready, not only will we have to work our butts off to accomplish what we wish to accomplish, but we may also find ourselves either having to give it all up at the whim of the government, or fighting for our right to it.  Let’s face it, it’s very hard to turn self sufficient people into dependants.  As long as this self sufficiency movement keeps driving forward, they will fight it however they choose.  We must fight back by educating EVERYONE we know, putting information out everywhere we can find a place to post it, etc.  We must let the dependants know that there is other ways, and you don’t have to be a rebellious looney toon to enjoy it.

    Seriously, I know I might sound like a nut job conspiracy theorist, but reality is what it is.  These things are happening.  If we want to live how we choose to live without bother.  We’re going to have to work hard to do it, and quite possibly work or fight even harder to maintain the right to do it.

    Sorry to sound like a buzz kill.  I just think people need to start waking up and recognizing that our chosen way of life is coming under attack whether we see it in our neck of the woods or not yet.



    The funny thing being LABELED a dooms day Prepper and a survivalist makes me laugh.   Yes I prepare for bad and hard times (extra food and water, ammo and the everyday needs of a human), but get asked whens the end coming?  I always reply ask God for only He knows.

    Why did we decide to go back in time??   Well the simple life is so much easier once you establish your plan and stick to it.   Why alternate power?  Tired of spending money on something that isnt stable and has Governmental controls.  Why not use what the Good Lord gave us and the technology to use it.  A off-grid home is very advanced to a standard wired to the grid home, so much more efficient.

    Why waste my mind and brain watching TV and listen to radio when I have nature as my TV and Radio.  How did mankind lose touch with this.  The peacefulness of nature is amazing, to it and watch wild animals walk through your yard and field, to see a bald eagle fly over your home.  To look up at night and see a million starts with no haze or city lights to cover them up.   I dont know why I would want this type of life.   Can’t seem to figure it out.  IF you can help me find a reason to stay connected to the world please give me the research so I can review it.   But as of right now the simple life my grandparents had is what I so desire.   Getting ever so close to this reality.  less than 4 grand will make this come true.

    If your rich and want to adopt me and give me my dream I will gladly accept it and be ever grateful BUT dont expect me to come visit you to much, you best just come visit me.  (giggle).

    God Bless and thanks for reading my thoughts and rants.


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    My grandparents lived on a lake in northern Minnesota.  At first with just an outhouse, but a little later with a regular bathroom and cesspool.  The cesspool was still too close to the lake and the outhouses are illegal in many places.   They had a shed with straw to hold ice cut from the lake, but eventually got an electric refrigerator.  Lots of fish, and game back then, and fields of wild strawberries.  Good garden, too, and fresh dairy from across the road, where I had one of my first jobs for 50 cents an hour removing to the edge of the field glacial rocks that would come up every spring, and herding the cows to the barn, and stacking hay bales.

    With subsequent overpopulation the game and fish are low in many places they were abundant.  Many old homesteads were powered by coal fired power plants many miles away.  They didn’t have true composting toilets, low water use appliances, low power use appliances and lights, or vehicles that got high mileage.  They didn’t have solar panels, or the internet.   I remember the old dial phones huge black and white TVs when they came out, ice boxes, all Americans, and mainly a population less than half of now.

    So we don’t live like our grandparents did, except to grow gardens, have a self built house, and being relatively independent in other ways like all solar power, and living in the country, but up in the mountains.

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