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    Hello off-grid community. I currently live in Arizona and want to relocate and live sustainably. One of the areas I’ve been doing research on is Southern California. Anyone living off-grid in S. Cali? Are earthquakes and fires an issue? Are they frequent? I’m looking for land between $1000 – $7000 per acre. Is it possible to find land that price in So. Cali? I’ve done a few searches I’m just wondering if anyone could guide me some websites in particular. I’ve even thought about putting an ad up once I decide where I want to live. I’d like to live an hour at the most from San DIego and I don’t want to live in the desert. That’s why I want to move out of Arizona, I love lots of green. What is the geography like? I don’t want to live in the hub of the city nor do I want to live in the desert so what are my other options? I’m also wondering about gardening…. can one grow vegetables all year round in So. Cali? I want to have grass, trees, plants and flowers as well. Does all of that grow all year round too? I’ve done some research but I also thought it might help to reach out to some people with direct experience.

    If anyone has any info to share with me I’d be super grateful!

    Thanks so much,


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