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    Hi all I am looking for information/assistance I would like to get PV panels. My circumstances are a little challenging. I live in a house which has south east facing rear – however it is a mononpitch roof with the vertical side at the rear. Is there any experience of adding PV panels on a flat vertical aspect? I do have a flat roof garage but this gets some shade and the sun goes after mid afternoon – which is the same for the vertical roof.

    Any comments, suggestions warmly welcome.


    I am not much help I’m afraid, as a total & ignorant newbie to this site, but I suspect that if placed on the flat garage roof, you will be better able to adjust/angle the panels throughout the year to obtain the best input. However it depends on whether the shadow from the house will fall across the garage. Also a totally random off the wall thought, no pun intended, do the panels have to be placed horizontally? if not do you have a chimney, I know this is probably a ludicrous idea, but maybe it will spark someone more qualified to help, into a sensible reply, of some use to you.

    ~ sunny


    You can place panels on flat vertical roof or even south facing walls but you will lose some efficiency. For best results angle them to about 45 degrees in winter and lower in summer when sun is higher in sky.

    One solution is to build a small shed with a south facing roof and this could house your batteries and a backup generator.

    You can see a good example on this website:



    also here is webpage that has very good discussions about batteries, etc., one of the members was talking about a forklift battery with a powerhouse:


    why place them on the roof at all?

    I live off the grid in Ottawa Canada, and snow is an issue…if you don’t have to place them on your roof, then why bother? I would only recommend roof mounting if you are worried about damage or have no room….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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