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    Just to be clear, as part of the upgrade I plan to make the site much easer to use, and more interactive so folks can post their ideas up more easily and get in touch sit each other, but do you want the site to LOOK slick?


    A shiny website is great indeed but I am more concern in login issue. I wish that when you launch off grid new website the login issue will also be resolve.


    I have tried many times before but I think this time it is finally going to happen – an ew design and I really need your input.

    What do you like and not like – feel free to email me your ideas if you think some competing web site might see it and benefit.

    A shiny new design – well, not too shiny…off-grid has always looked a bit funky, but is that what people want? I am sure we all want the site to work all of the time, and never contain any typos — and that is my firs t priority. But it is a fairly negative goal.

    Over to you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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