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    Meat is getting expensive but not that you would notice it by the price paid to farmers. We discoverred that for sale lists like Craig’s List in our area also list farm animals for sale or even free to a good home.

    Farmers are culling their herds before wintersets in. Even if you buy them they are about half the price it would cost at the meat market. So we got some for putting onto the freezer.

    My daughter’s reaction Ewyeew! gross!!!! However she knows enough that to go hunting for food doesn’t mean looking for bargains at the meat market counter.

    Unless you are vegan animal husbandry involves the eventual butchering and dressing of the meat. This can be done by custom meat cutters catering to hunters and farmers. Where we live it is now illegal to butcher your own livestock. It must be done by licenced and food safe certified abbatoirs.

    Admittedly its one more encroachment on our freedoms but if you are sqeamish about butchering your own food, this is one cost effective solution. Several of our friends use it including some who live close to town.

    These are the same people who have their meat animals grow up on borrowed range land. If you have a regular but small paycheck, this is one way to go.

    The wife’s uncle runs an off-grid resort. People come up for a week then go home leaving part of their catch behind in the freezers. At end of the season when Bill shuts down the generator for the year he has to clean out all these freezers. Friends and family get a share of this. Why waste good food?

    If the stuff is old or freezer burnt the cats get a treat. Nothing is wasted.

    The wife has a delicious recipe for Salmon Quiche that is so good a native friend asked after tasting it when would she come to the reserve to teach a cooking class.

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