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    kara gee

    Hello There,

    Just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself with the hope of starting dialogue with others.

    I am interested in meeting others who are keen to build their own off-grid home, specifically anyone who would like to do this as a community.

    My idea of community self-build would be 6-10 families/individuals who would share the land purchase costs. Who would build their own individual homes but as a community we would be able to have:

    • Greater buying power

    • Greater influence and leverage when tackling local planning

    . Prove the necessity for sustainable, affordable housing

    • Combine and share knowledge and experience

    • Trade skills

    • Share costs for renewable energy and other potential shared systems

    • Food co-ops

    . Afford better remewable energy technologies

    . A community greywater system and lake.

    About me – I’m Kara, married to John, a little boy and another on the way.

    John is a lecturer in electrical installation, building services and electronics. Was an electrician for a long time. can install PV systems.

    I had a gardening business for some years pre kids.

    We want to build in the UK, but as to where, we are undecided and flexible.

    We’re financially ready to go, and will be looking at suitable land over the next 12 months.

    It’d be great to hear from anyone else who is also interested in this type of project.

    All the best


    Nick Rosen

    An electrician and a gardener – great skillset – an asset to any fledgling community – now if only we could hear from someone with some land.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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