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    Please go away, your spam isn’t welcome here, no one here is going to click on your links, all you are doing is annoying those of us who are here for real purposes, ie off grid living. I will make sure your spam is deleted as fast as you can post it.



    I appreciate the post but unfortunately I am pretty sure these are robots creating the spam posts and none of the perpetrators will probably ever see your comments. :(

    Given the quantity that has come if since I got out the mauser last night and blasted them I am not sure I can keep up. We may have to strongly suggest to nick to take the forums to full moderation. The number of real posts per day is low enough that the few that are really posting can probably live with the delay.


    marshall, il


    Yea the spammers went nuts, just started posting here myself a few weeks ago. Good forum id like to say , its crap its getting runied by the garbage postings.


    Revinger look into the “prove your are human to register”

    thing with the warped characters that computers can’t read

    I have trouble sometimes myself with them


    We are working on a human identification method for registration. I have not been able to find a ‘captcha’ style add on for the forums software that is being used, but did find a similaralternative. Hoping it will get implemented soon.

    deleting the bozo posts is getting old.


    Good luck.

    As the admin of another site, you have my sympathy but we went to full moderation of new members and I check IP addresses before approval of anyone. Nonsense names and such are boomed without thought as are folks from China, which is OK as we are a regional group.

    We use vBulletin and it makes it easy to check new members and new posts. Still, it cost me 20~30 minutes every morning just to sweep up, hence the move to full moderation of members.


    On a more fun note … great site and great book that brought me here … need to do a proper introduction post.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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