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    Ok we recently purchased 30ac in nw Tennessee. We are currently finishing our 1400 sqft cabin. This has long been something we’ve wanted to do. We are both college educated and have employment. We would like to talk to folks who are like minded and who might be interested in living on our land . We would like to chat more via email or im. To just cut out some of the emails here’s a few things up front.

    We are professionals (retired cop & university) We are looking for people who have careers/degrees.

    Prefer couples & woman. NO SINGLE MEN

    You need some money, vehicle

    No druggies unless it’s natural ;)

    Prefer under 55 no offense 40/37 here.

    Our long term goal is to purchase the 52ac nxt to us and the 42 across the road. Looking for 4-6 people who want to contribute and build a small OTG colony away from uncle Sam while having gainful employment in the world.

    This is just a start we came from the north to do this and it’s been 3 yrs and ready for others. Email us if you want to chat more.


    Had a few emails and not found the right fit. Let me add a few things. We would entertain single men and folks with children if it was the right fit. Email us and lets chat. This land is secluded. :)

    Nick Rosen

    Hi this is Toby @ we were in the middle of emailing each other. i had to change my email to, please contact me when you get a chance thankyou

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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