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    Going back to the original question for this thread; one answer is learn how to stretch available resources (ie. food) to give the maximum benefit.

    As an example how do you feed six people on one small can of tuna, 4 eggs a small onion and half of a bell pepper? My wife can.

    There is good reason why the irish often made stews. It was a way to stretch the availaable food. You could always add a bit more water when an extra person showed up. Potatoes is a wonderful food. ther are so many different ways to prepare and serve it.

    Shopping in bulk then dividing it up amongst several people gets each participant more per $$ than buying fancy individual packages.

    Example: four persons each have $15. Pool that money and you have $60 which will get you a lot of stuff when bought in bulk. Divide up the potatoes onions,flour,and sugar, etc. so each person gets some. There will be enough money left to buy meat and eggs also. Each person gets a bit of eveything and possibly enough for several days of meals. By themselves that $15 would barely provide good meals for one day. 50 lbs of potatoes cost $15 here. Nothing but potatoes for three meals is not a good diet. However with a little bit of everything; a good cook can make three tasty and varied meals to feed several people each time. Some people claim $150 is not enough for one week but we can get enough to feed us for a whole month for that amount; and shopping in the same stores as everyone else. So two essential skills is learn how to cook economically and learn how to bargain shop.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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